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Les 3 raisons d'offrir une peluche comme cadeau de Noël

The 3 reasons to offer a stuffed animal as a Christmas present



As you already know, the end of year celebrations are fast approaching...and the search for gifts goes hand in hand with this magical period! Giving a surprise is a way to express our love to the people who are dear to us, whether it's family, friends, colleagues, girlfriend / boyfriend...the list is endless!

Indeed, contrary to popular belief, soft toys are not the monopoly of children and babies! They are appreciated by all generations, whether you are a man, a woman, young or old! Giving a pretty stuffed animal as a Christmas gift is often a success and we tell you why in 3 points:

1/ A gift filled with sweetness to fight against the gloom of winter

Offering a soft and cute plush toy brings a lot of comfort and tenderness during the winter period.

This is the time of year when we are most inclined to stay at home, and to have a drop in morale due to the lack of light and the coldness of the temperature. We are also more vulnerable to winter viruses, a stuffed animal can in these cases prove to be very good company. Whether it is to accompany us during cozy evenings at home, to fall asleep or provide a comforting presence. Giving a beautiful, quality plush has the ability to bring joy to the person who receives it. In addition, we can choose the one that suits us the most: a very soft plush, a giant plush, an original plush, a teddy bear, a cuddly toy, a panda, elephant, lion, dog, giraffe, sheep, rabbit ,…the list is long ! Guaranteed effect under the tree, to offer or to treat yourself to bring warmth and softness to winter or start the new year in good company !

2/ A tailor-made gift, say it with a plush!

For a unique and unforgettable Christmas gift, offer a personalized plush or cuddly toy!

We can sometimes run out of ideas when it comes to surprising our loved ones with unique surprises , which express our emotions and our creativity . A personalized plush is a touching gift since it will only suit the person to whom you are giving it! In addition, you will be certain that the person has not already received the same gift! In addition, the personalized plush is a timeless gift, if it is ideal to offer for the Christmas period, it adapts as well to all situations: birthday, birth, wedding, baptism,... it is personalized according to seasons and tastes! The emotion aroused by this beautiful gift will remain in time, whether it is to express your love , friendship , or gratitude , your gift will have all the more value since you will be personally involved in it! The stuffed animals also have the advantage of being varied and of corresponding to all tastes ( jungle , forest , farm , sea, savannah , felines , dog , bear , dinosaur , ladybird , etc.). Choose your plush and personalize it, whether by embroidering the pouch that accompanies it, the paw of a bear ( my bear Lucien ), the hat ( my sleeping bear ), the ear ( my donkey Gaston )... or for a top-of-the-range gift , create your plush from A to Z. First name, sweet word, date of birth, personalized message , it's up to you!

3/ The plush, a gift for life

Offering a nice plush is good, but offering a quality plush that lasts over time is better.

Not only will the person who receives it be able to enjoy it throughout their life and remember this sweet moment, these beautiful emotions, that you gave them. But in addition, it is a responsible gift for the planet. Indeed, as the plush will last over time, there will be no need to buy a new one. In addition, our stuffed animals have been made in a workshop in Italy since 1976 and therefore employ craftsmen, our seamstresses! In addition to keeping a precious know-how : that of the art of hand-sewn stuffed animals. By offering our stuffed animals, you are offering a nice, durable gift that has soul! The soft toys are sewn and worked by hand with great care and love ! They are washable , suitable for babies (European standards) and are therefore an essential early learning toy ! In addition, if ever something happens to them, once received we promise to have them repaired at our workshop, returns are free ! So, ready to bring sweetness into the life of a loved one or yours, for life?

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