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How to repair a torn comforter or teddy?

Dear Parents,

Whether you are a handyman or not, if doudou meets the tragic fate of tearing, you will have to repair it at all costs!

Your children's old stuffed animals are often their most precious... So, before throwing them in the trash and facing an unparalleled tragedy, give them a second chance by refurbishing them. You will see, there are many ways to repair comforters and stuffed animals!

Here are the tips and tricks from La Pelucherie, the French plush toy expert, for repairing, padding, and sewing the family's cuddly toys and stuffed animals brilliantly.

High quality hand sewn stuffed animals, La Pelucherie

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Torn comforter: Start by assessing the damage!

Before taking out your surgical equipment, take a few moments to assess the damage:

  • Was Doudou the victim of a gaping frontal tear ?
  • Is it just a small seam to repair ?
  • Has the stuffed animal lost limbs, ears, eyes ?
  • Has the stuffing been scattered all over the house, or even worse, on the street?

In short, examine the plush from every angle and take a good look at the damaged areas. If necessary, and especially if possible, collect all the missing pieces . This is important for further repair work.

Do not hesitate to launch search notices in order to find reference images of the said plush or the said cuddly toy. They might be useful!

Empty and wash the plush toy before repairing it

Rest assured, this step is not always necessary. But to properly repair a cuddly toy or stuffed animal, it is sometimes easier to empty the stuffing first.

The operation is done on the back of the plush toy , where it was stuffed for the first time. Look for a suture line that is wider than the other seams. This is where the padding is easiest to remove.

Once you've found the comforter's Achilles heel, make a small opening with a craft knife or a pair of sewing scissors . Then, patiently empty the stuffing.

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Wash comforter

Before repairing the comforter, take the opportunity to wash it ! Who knows when his last bath was…

Start by pouring warm water and mild soap into a large container. Then, immerse the plush in it and brush it gently before rinsing it.

Washing should be as gentle as possible to prevent the plush toy from losing its original shape . Then, let the blanket dry naturally.

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Patch and repair cuddly toy!

The accidents of stuffed animals and cuddly toys are quite varied. Most patients are victims of more or less large tears , loss of limbs, dangling eyes , or general wear and tear . Depending on the initial diagnosis, here is what you can do to fix the blanket:

Attach a member

The loss of a limb is one of the most frequent damages in stuffed animals and cuddly toys . Chances are, that's why you're interested in this article.

To patch the paws, legs, feet, hands, or arms of a cuddly toy, the previous step of emptying is essential, because it is best to sew the tear from the inside to avoid ugly scars on the fur of the plush toy.

When you're getting ready to sew a limb back together, don't hesitate to examine the opposite limb (if it's still there!) to see how it's attached.

Sew cuddly toy

Sewing up a tear in a cuddly toy is a scenario that promises to be quite simple… a priori.

For an impeccable result and an invisible repair, you will need to learn the Ladder Stitch technique, in other words, hidden stitch sewing . 

But unfortunately, if the tear is too large, it will not be possible to simply sew the plush. You will need to add a piece of fabric to cover the hole.

In this case, be sure to find a compatible fabric in texture and color . That said, you can also choose a different fabric on purpose and candidly say it's the new comforter bandage. Your children will surely be delighted by the idea (or not!).

Soft plush gift card, La Pelucherie

The gift card is ideal to let the person to whom it is offered the choice of his new companion!

Adjust the plush stuffing

After patching the limbs and closing the holes in the poor cuddly toy, adjust the padding to restore a little firmness to this stuffed toy.

It is advisable to buy new padding rather than reusing the old one which has become very soft.

Be careful not to leave any blank space. And if you're trying to mend a tear that sews up from the outside, make sure you do n't put on too much padding , as that may cause the tear to widen. Consider sewing large pieces of fabric just below the holes to prevent the stuffing from weighing down the suture.

Finally, gently close the opening you created on the back of the plush.

That's it, the trick is done: cuddly toy is repaired! Before putting on your superhero cape and calling your children, carry out a general check of the comforter's state of health .

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Involve the children in repairing their cuddly toy

Seeing their favorite cuddly toy or stuffed torn can be a difficult experience for your children. To help them overcome this ordeal, you can involve them in the repair of comforter .

Like playing doctor, ask them to find the holes, hold the paw, take stuffing, put on a bandage, etc.

Consult with them and listen to their ideas. You may be surprised by their ingenuity. Remember that stuffed animals are their best friends . They will be more creative to repair them as best as possible!

You can take advantage of this moment to discuss the importance of taking care of stuffed animals and toys in general , in order to avoid new accidents, to enjoy them longer, and to participate in the protection of the environment.

Giant hand-stitched soft toys, La Pelucherie

Giving a giant stuffed animal is giving a companion for life!

How to avoid wear and tear on comforters and stuffed animals?

Let's be honest: doudou is never completely safe from an accident or a tear, even with all the precautions in the world. But a few tricks can limit the damage…

Only buy quality stuffed animals

The first, of course, is to buy only quality stuffed animals. Forget the “made in China” stuffed animals which, in addition to being toxic, tear at the slightest collision. They don't hold up...

To ensure the good quality of a plush, prefer French or European brands , recognized, tested, and approved by thousands of parents!

It's not to show off, but at La Pelucherie, our stuffed animals are of such outstanding quality that we guarantee them for life! Yes: a little clash? A tear ? You send them back to us and we repair them at the workshop. That's quality.

High quality soft toys, hand sewn, La Pelucherie

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Taking care of your cuddly toys

To avoid premature wear of the comforters, avoid exposing them to water and the sun .

When washing stuffed animals, be careful not to soak them in water for too long . On the other hand, avoid drying them in the sun.

Some parents decide to keep them at home and forbid children to take their stuffed animals to the park, to school, to friends' houses, etc. It's a personal choice. Very effective for the protection of stuffed animals, but sometimes difficult to apply.

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Have two copies of the same plush toy

Finally, many parents choose to buy two copies of the same soft toy. It is also often recommended for cuddly toys, especially when baby absolutely cannot do without it to fall asleep.

If you opt for this option, it is preferable to use the two cuddly toys alternately. In this way, they wear out at the same time but more slowly. You double the life of the plush, and you're saved if you lose one!

Hand-sewn soft toys, birth gift idea, La Pelucherie

Now your turn ! Share your stuffed animal repair stories: Have you ever saved a stuffed dog's paw? Or lovingly glued back together a lost eye? We can't wait to read about your adventures!

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