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Our hand-sewn stuffed animals adapt to your tastes and your expectations. Whatever your budget and your timing, different solutions are available to you.

The tailor-made plush

The stuffed animal of your imagination can come to life thanks to La Pelucherie!

You have the option of completely creating the plush of your choice: a tiger, a panda, a polar bear, a monkey, a turtle...

You can even create your custom plush from your own pet, an old birth comforter that you would like to reproduce or even an animal drawing.

We created their plush

Plaza Athénée x La Pelucherie

My bear Gustave has been entirely thought out for this collaboration: design of the plush, color, logo embroidery, addition of the cap etc...

This red bear was then baptized "Gustave" by the Plaza Athénée. The Plaza Athénée has chosen a red coat in memory of their former mascot.

In the kitchens of René Meilleur

This beautiful bear is wearing his hat and his apron! The purpose of this tailor-made creation was to offer a teddy bear dressed as a cook as a reminder of the culinary universe for the famous starred chef René Meilleur.

On the BPI France Big Boutique website

BPI France launches its online store: the Big Boutique to support French entrepreneurship and promote excellent know-how. This yellow Rooster soft toy has therefore been entirely designed and made in the colors of BPI France to join its online store.

The personalized plush

We offer you to personalize your plush toy made to measure or selected from our catalog thanks to the following options:

  • Change of fabric for one of the stuffed animals in our collection
  • Adding a logo
  • Adding a Custom Accessory

We have personalized our creations for them


Lutetia x La Pelucherie 

My dog ​​Hector had the right to have his own embroidery of the Lutetia logo on his pretty right hind paw. The embroidery is done directly on the dog's fur but different embroidery options are available to you.


The Chateau de la Gaude

My teddy bear Jules got a red dye and paw beauty. Just like My dog ​​Hector x Hotel Lutetia, My big teddy bear Jules had the right to his personalized embroidery but this time under his paw.


Saint Laurent

The luxury brand Saint Laurent trusted La Pelucherie to make a personalized panther plush toy. This is available on their website.

National assembly shop

The National Assembly x La Pelucherie

My Leon rabbits are embroidered in the colors of the National Assembly. These pretty rabbit soft toys are sold in the National Assembly shop.

Personalized pouches

You will have understood it well: everything is customizable, even the pouches!

Make an unforgettable gift presented in a pouch bearing your company logo.

The embroidery on the plush

You can also embroider your beautiful stuffed animals!

According to your request, we can make embroideries directly on some stuffed animals in our catalog.