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115,000+ satisfied customers since 1976

115,000+ satisfied customers since 1976 👉 All our stuffed animals

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La Pelucherie : des peluches avec un véritable savoir-faire

La Pelucherie: stuffed animals with real know-how

Soft toys designed according to the know-how of yesteryear

Our happy family of plush toys with very soft fur is thought in France and designed in Italy. For this, the seamstresses of the workshop spend precious time making each plush. Indeed, they are unique, sewn by hand, according to the know-how of yesteryear. They also have their own expression underlined in pencil!


Precision work

It is true that we leave no room for chance! Each step of the process is carried out with the greatest care: from the design of the plush to the choice of fabric or eyes, through the cutting and sewing of each piece of synthetic fur. All the fabrics, we caress them, compare them and choose them ourselves to bring your favorite stuffed animals to life. The dream job! If the expertise of the seamstresses is important, attention and requirement are the key words.

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  • Laffond

    Bonjour. Je désirerais savoir si vous vendez des peluches Koala simple ou maman et bbenr. Merci

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