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Quand offrir un cadeau de naissance  ?

When to give a birth gift?

The birth of a baby is one of the most symbolic events in life. In order to celebrate it, what better than to offer a birth gift to the parents of the newborn? It is a tradition that can vary from country to country.

You have found your birth gift for one of your loved ones, but you have no idea when to offer it? Let's discover together in this article the different ideal periods to offer your gift! Let's get started without further ado.

can we offer a birth gift before the birth

What is the point of offering a birth gift?

It is very common to see the future mother being offered a present by the future father, in order to celebrate the birth of their future child, and also to congratulate the mother for having endured the 9 months of pregnancy before the birth of the baby.

Relatives, friends, colleagues can also participate in the happy event. As soon as these people learn of the pregnancy of one of their entourage, one of the first actions they have in mind would be to offer a gift , in order to symbolize this magical moment that is birth.

The symbolism of the birth gift is very strong in our culture. Before the arrival of the newborn, the gift can symbolize encouragement and anticipation for the baby to be born. After childbirth, it is a kind of reward for the mother to have been able to reach full term, overcoming various difficulties, both physical and emotional.

Gifts testify to the affection and support of loved ones during these difficult times. However, these are rather devoted to the baby. But whatever the nature of the gifts, they will always please the mother and father of the child.

Note that a pregnant woman undergoes many changes and difficulties, often unpleasant, for nine months. The mother had to sacrifice different things in order to be able to deliver her baby in the best conditions. This is why receiving gifts could be both an encouragement as well as a real relief for the mother.

The perfect time to offer a birth gift

There is no predefined ideal moment to offer a birth gift. However, there are certain periods more suitable than others for future parents to receive their present.

Give a birth gift before the baby arrives

You don't have to wait until the baby arrives to give your birth gift. It is entirely possible to do this before delivery .

Warning: the most superstitious prefer not to receive any present before the birth of their child, for the sake of principle. However, most parents appreciate receiving gifts before the birth of their future child.

Other families are also attached to the prenatal party , where we celebrate the imminent arrival of a new being. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to refer to the cultural tradition, which varies from one country to another. Coming from the United States and also very popular among Anglo-Saxons, the baby shower is a prenatal party particularly awaited by future parents. This is an opportunity to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby. 

Family and friends gather around the pregnant person during an evening, organized around the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. This time is ideal for the future mother to benefit from the attention of her loved ones. During the ceremony, the guests bring, in principle, various birth gifts for the future little angel.

However, if the baby shower is not planned, it is advisable to wait until the baby is born . Whatever, all the moments are perfect to please the future mother.

Offer the birth gift after the baby's arrival

Passing on your birth gift after the baby arrives is a great idea. It is always customary to visit the mother who has just given birth to meet her baby and congratulate the little family. The occasion is also perfect to give a gift. Whatever the moment, it is essential to choose the right birth gift to offer to the newborn or to the mother.

when to give a birth gift

Which birth gift to choose?

If it is difficult to define the ideal moment to offer a birth gift, it is also important to choose THE right gift. So there's no need to worry about the right occasion to spoil the newborn. It is in your interest to choose carefully what you are going to give him. Bath cape, small slippers , baby chair, stuffed animal or travel cot? You'll be spoiled for choice. 

In addition, certain baby accessories can help parents during the child's first months (dummy, baby carrier, etc.). It is becoming fashionable for many parents to prepare a list of birth gifts, which makes it easier for loved ones to choose. They will receive gifts that are essential to them.

Clothing and stuffed animals are the most popular gifts. Some people choose personalized blankets, toys or music boxes . Choose items that are useful for arousing the baby's curiosity or developing their abilities.

Among other things, toys will help him become curious and dynamic. It is also possible to choose "utility" type items such as bottles , pacifiers, bibs, etc.

And if you opt for a plush?

Why offer a plush toy for a birth gift?

As one of the most popular items, stuffed animals are ideal birth gifts. They are very useful, at least during the baby's first year. This object is essential for all newborn children, and even for the oldest. This is the reason why all loved ones like to offer them when a newborn arrives. The benefits are multiple, both in terms of well-being, growth and health of the child. In fact, many parents are not even aware of it.

An ideal birth gift for babies

A soft toy is not just another toy to entertain a child. Soft and pleasant to the touch , it will accompany the child in these first months, and even after!

Good company for toddlers

Thanks to its softness, the plush makes an excellent best friend for the child on a daily basis, from the first months. The soft toy becomes his confidant and his playmate. Babies greatly appreciate the company of their cuddly toys throughout the day, as well as in the evening. They nurture a great affection for them over time. Who has never had a soft toy during their childhood to help them fall asleep?

Children form a very strong bond with their stuffed teddy bear. In case of moments of loneliness, such as the absence of their mother, this object, whether it is in the effigy of a cartoon character or an animal, will keep them company and comfort them. If the plush is of good quality, it will stay with them for a long time and will become a lifelong friend. Hence the importance of offering a stuffed animal as a birth gift. Despite the abundance of trendy toys on the market, the plush remains a classic and essential birth gift .

A way to reassure and comfort babies

Far from being a simple toy, this ball of softness is also perfect as a means of reassuring your baby. Its affective dimension is very important. This famous padded comforter can take different fun shapes: an animal, a fruit, a character from cartoons or early learning books , etc.

This concept further develops the feeling of security that the object provides to the child. The latter has only to hug him in his arms to find comfort when he feels sad, tired or vulnerable. In many ways, the stuffed animal helps him feel good and thus contributes to his emotional stability.

Some child psychiatrists claim that this type of toy is a transitional object, which helps support the child during his growth, and especially when his parents are absent for a while. Mom and Dad are not always available for various reasons. By offering the soft toy at birth, the child will become strongly attached to it. Thus, he will feel more reassured, alone with his cuddly toy.

As such, a good choice of model is essential so that the soft toy inspires confidence in the baby and becomes his means of appeasement, comfort and security. He helps her deal with her anxieties. The animal models also play a key role in the emotional and cerebral development of the little one.

A way to develop the child's imagination

If the stuffed animal is one of the best birth gifts, it is because it constitutes an anchor object for a young child, allowing him to remember his life and his emotions, even as an adult. The capacity of teddy bears is not limited to the sentimental and emotional level. Shaped as an animal, hero or cartoon character, it can help develop your child's imagination, express their creativity and enhance their personality.

An essential toy for the awakening of the child

The well-being and the development of a baby pass particularly through his awakening to the universe that surrounds him. This period starts from birth until 3 years old. In fact, parents may find it difficult to understand with certainty a toddler's behaviors or when they begin to develop their senses. 

For this, the plush forms an effective alternative. It teaches the baby to touch, see, smell, listen and taste. Designed specifically for newborns, the cuddly toy features a fluffy, soft-touch texture to boost satisfaction. Its shades are an excellent way to work on your color perception. Gradually, the child draws inspiration from the padded ball to exercise his dexterity and develop his motor skills. The more he grows, the more he gains in autonomy thanks to his pretty cuddly toy.

Which plush to choose as a birth gift?

When you learned of the imminent arrival of a baby of your loved one, you immediately think of the gift to offer him. The soft toy represents an essential alternative, which will accompany the little one on a daily basis and which will follow him during the first years of his life. It is therefore advisable for you to make the right choice, paying particular attention to the quality of manufacture.

La Pelucherie offers a multitude of newborn stuffed animals that come in several shapes, sizes and colors. Our XXL models are also very successful. Young and old love it! You just have to choose the teddy bear that will best suit the newborn: Dog Hector, Mouse Lucie, Hedgehog Alfred, Elephant Victor… there is something for everyone. Each piece is specifically designed for newborns and toddlers. Entirely adapted to small hands, it is perfect for accompanying newcomers in their first moments of comfort.

You can also choose a giant stuffed animal . In life-size, this toy is said to be giant when its size exceeds 60 cm. A large comforter of 60 to 90 cm is already very imposing for a baby. It can be a wonderful birth gift, an ideal companion for the child with whom he can share many hugs and above all play.

When it comes to an object dedicated to a child, the quality of the materials is extremely important. Our stuffed animals are made with a very soft and hypoallergenic fabric. By favoring organic components, you preserve your child's health while committing to an approach to preserving the environment.

give a birth gift

As you will have understood, you can choose the moment to offer your birth gift according to your preferences. If you want to give the gift to the parents before the child is born, then you can very well give it to them during the baby shower. Otherwise, you can perfectly offer it once the baby is born. In this case, it will be preferable for you to come and give it by hand to the maternity ward. As mentioned above, some parents prefer to wait for the birth of the child before being offered birth gifts.

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