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Des peluches pour Pâques ?

Stuffed animals for Easter?

Easter tradition

Each year, Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring fixed by the lunar calendar and is an opportunity for all chocolate lovers to treat themselves! Indeed, tradition has it that chocolate eggs are brought by the Easter bells on the night of Saturday to Sunday. After Sunday mass, the children used to run around the garden in search of their sweet loot. However, if at the base, it is a Christian holiday, Easter is celebrated a lot in France where the egg hunt has become a real institution! Family and friends get together for a meal with the highlight of the show: of course the famous egg hunt .

How about replacing Easter eggs with stuffed animals?

As you already know, Easter is above all a convivial holiday of which we generally all have good memories. Hiding chocolate eggs in your garden for Easter is good, but with a little stuffed animal it's better!

For what ?

Well simply because thanks to this little plush, your child will remember Easter and these wonderful moments spent with the family all his life ❤️

The Pelucherie is going on an egg hunt!

La Pelucherie offers even more fun with a special Easter series . The collection takes you on an adventure with farm animals . The three musketeers are there: My Sheep, My Poussin, My Rabbit. A limited edition just to make you dream...

The stuffed animals from our farm animals collection will therefore be perfect for bringing a touch of the countryside to your home and serving as a playmate to cuddle with for the youngest.

You can also personalize the pretty pouches in which the stuffed animals are presented for a unique gift.

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