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NEW: Jules love bear 👉 Offer sweetness for Valentine's Day

115,000+ satisfied customers since 1976

115,000+ satisfied customers since 1976 👉 All our stuffed animals

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Adopt a hand-sewn plush.


The best for your child can be found at La Pelucherie.

Our stuffed animals are not simple toys but works of art designed to become real family members who will accompany your children in all stages of their lives.

Animals larger than life

Faithfully reproduced and designed by our designer, each of our stuffed animals is strikingly realistic and meticulously developed in our creative workshop for nearly 60 hours. All the details are studied there, one by one, with the purest respect for the chosen animal and with a constant concern for perfection.

Hand sewn since 1976

Designed in the historic workshop

Striking realistic design

Non-allergenic materials

Very soft padded fur

A work of art filled with love and passion.

Entirely hand-sewn (without mold), each plush is unique and requires great technical precision (up to 15 hours of work), a thoughtful choice of high-end materials and century-old know-how perfectly mastered by the historical seamstresses of our workshop. in Italy.

Eye for detail

We leave no room for chance! Each step of the process is carried out with the greatest care: from the design of the plush to the choice of fabric or eyes, through the cutting and sewing of each piece of synthetic fur.

All the fabrics, we caress them, compare them and choose them ourselves. If the expertise of the seamstresses is important, attention and requirement are the key words.

Don't just buy a stuffed animal, buy La Pelucherie.

To play, in decoration or to mark an event, it is the gift that is sure to please.

My Dodo Bear plush

from 125.00€

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My Jules Bear cuddly toy

from 85.00€

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My Caesar Tiger plush

from 195.00€

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My Cat Oscar soft toy

from 85.00€

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With the Big Ones, we elevate the plush to the rank of sculpture.

Cut and sewn by hand, the craftsmanship carried out on the fabric creates an effect of striking realism. The silhouette finally takes shape when the craftsmen inject the material to be stuffed into it: the curve of a muscle, the movement of a leg or even the relief of a side then takes shape, little by little.

It is with the help of a thread and a simple needle that our seamstresses draw, minute by minute, the "points of expression" of each plush. The cheeks are hollow, the eyebrows are drawn and the gaze is affirmed: the plush comes to life .

Ma peluche Panthère géante et son bébé

My giant Panther plush and her baby

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Ma peluche Girafe géante

My giant Giraffe plush

from 1,900.00€

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Ma peluche Tigre géant

My giant tiger plush

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Ma peluche Cheval géant et son Poulain

My giant horse plush toy and its foal

from 2,100.00€

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