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Offrir une peluche géante à son bébé

Offer a giant stuffed animal to your baby

A stuffed animal for babies can be a source of daily comfort, a great playmate and a great help when it comes to falling asleep for the little ones. For a baby, the soft toy is a constant companion to ward off loneliness. And what better way to bring him love and tenderness than a giant plush from our Big Ones collection? This XXL size guardian will have no equal to watch over the newborn, providing comfort and cuddles will! Discover with us these huge soft toys for babies !

What is a Big One?

The stuffed animals in our Big Ones collection belong to the family of giant stuffed animals , that is to say dolls reaching or exceeding 150 cm. The Giant Horse plush will even easily exceed two meters! Suffice to say that these are not stuffed toys that will go unnoticed. Of course our Big Ones come in many forms: it's up to you to see if you want a stuffed tiger to watch over your baby's cradle, if a teddy bear comforter will suit his temperament better, or even if a stuffed giraffe is the animal he needs. You are spoiled for choice of large stuffed animals !

Why take a giant stuffed animal for my baby?

It is not always easy to choose between a giant stuffed animal and another of more modest size as a birth gift for your baby. There is of course no "wrong" choice, and even the smallest soft toy can become a precious companion for the newborn. But a life-size soft toy gives an almost realistic look to his interactions with the little ones; it is not just an inanimate object tossed around according to a child's fancy, but an animal coming to life with every hug or tender moment.

Of course, it will not be a soft toy that is easy to transport, and it will be intended to remain indoors. That's why the Big Ones are the perfect guardians of the nursery, continually watching over the baby in its crib, and their towering size means they're in no danger of being kicked out in a moody move – that the newborn will regret quickly and loudly! With a giant soft toy to cuddle with, trust your child's imagination to find a thousand and one ways to interact with their XXL soft toy!

When should I give my baby a cuddly toy?

A newborn will not immediately be able to appreciate comforters and teddy bears. In general, wait six months before introducing him to his new best friend! He will then be at the ideal age to take full advantage of developmental toys .

How are our giant stuffed animals made?

By choosing La Pelucherie , you are guaranteed to get the best in terms of stuffed animals. Indeed, whether it is a stuffed teddy bear, a horse or a large cat, our Big One is not a simple toy or cuddly toy, but a real work of art. Each of our XXL stuffed animals is carefully developed by our Italian seamstresses, who will carry out a real work of craftsmanship by assembling fabrics sewn and cut by hand giving our stuffed animals their very soft coat. Finally, the plush comes to life thanks to the incredible attention to detail of the facial expression points, while the padding brings out the curve of its muscles, the movement of its legs or the relief of its sides. In short, choosing one of our Big Ones means having the assurance of a top-of-the-range and quality product, which will withstand the wear and tear that the enthusiastic and repeated demonstrations of affection of everyone could cause. -small.

Soft toys designed to respect the child's safety

Of course, baby's safety comes first. Our Big Ones are made in compliance with European safety standards , in particular by avoiding small elements that are easy to tear off, and by using flammable materials. We also favor the choice of hypoallergenic materials for the fur of the plush toy, which in addition to being very soft will avoid any risk of allergy for the youngest.

It is also a very clean companion, which will require practically no maintenance. If adventures with your kids get him dirty, you can always rinse his fur with water – the Big One being a bit too big to be machine washable!

Choices for all tastes!

A desire for savannah at your home? Turn to our giant giraffe plush for an original gift. If it's the jungle that attracts you, our plush tiger or our giant panther and her baby will be a perfect choice. The horse soft toy will appeal more to horse-riding lovers, while our big giant reindeer soft toy will be perfect for a mountain atmosphere. Finally, the giant and cute teddy bear remains a timeless classic.

If you want to give your new best friend some smaller companions, feel free to add a small stuffed animal to your gift list. You can thus bring together the horse and its foal or our plush polar bear with its teddy bear, accompany your panther with a plush cat or a plush dog, or see how the giant tiger and the plush rabbit cohabit. In short, there is no shortage of gift ideas!

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