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Why offer a giant cuddly toy to your baby!

A giant comforter is a daily source of comfort, a great playmate and a great help when it comes time to put baby to sleep.

For a baby, the soft toy is a constant companion to ward off loneliness. So what better way to bring him love and tenderness than to offer him a giant stuffed animal from La Pelucherie?

An XXL size cuddly toy will have no equal to watch over your baby, providing comfort and cuddles at will. Discover with us these huge soft toys and their benefits for babies.

Giant plush banner, big sleeping bear, La Pelucherie

The Big Ones, the giant cuddly toys from La Pelucherie

The stuffed animals in the “Big Ones” collection by La Pelucherie belong to the family of giant stuffed animals . And when we say giant, it's giant: some of our stuffed animals, like our XXL horse , can exceed 200 cm. Suffice to say that these huge cuddly toys will not go unnoticed in baby's room!

Of course, our Big Ones soft toys come in many forms : it's up to you whether you prefer a giant tiger to watch over your baby's cradle or a big stuffed teddy bear to snuggle up to!

Mama bear, giant bear 2 meters, La Pelucherie

The Giant Teddy Bear from La Pelucherie, an extraordinary 200 cm cuddly toy!

Giant Teddy Bear for Baby, La Pelucherie

L'Ours Lucien , A very soft giant cuddly toy for big hugs!

The benefits of big teddy bears for babies

The stuffed animal and the cuddly toy remain great classics of birth gifts and gifts for babies . But it's not always easy to choose between a small cuddly toy and a giant stuffed animal . In fact, the two are complementary!

Little comforter vs. Giant comforter?

Of course, there is no "wrong" choice, and even the smallest comforter can become a precious companion for your baby. Above all, it has the advantage of being able to be transported everywhere!

On the other hand, an XXL cuddly toy will not be easily transportable . It will therefore naturally be intended to stay indoors. The Big Ones are the perfect guardians of baby's nursery , continually watching over her crib and providing a real reassuring presence.

In addition, thanks to their imposing size, the giant teddy bears are not at risk of being expelled or falling out of bed like the little comforters that babies frequently lose in the night, causing restless and noisy awakenings!

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Hedgehog soft toy, birth soft toy, The stuffed animal

Comfort and security

One of the biggest benefits of a giant baby soft toy is the comfort and safety it provides. It's not the same thing to squeeze a little cuddly toy in your hands than to snuggle softly against a big stuffed teddy bear.

A companion for life

A giant cuddly toy is no longer just an inanimate toy tossed about in all directions. On the contrary, by its natural size, it comes to life with each hug . It gives an almost realistic aspect to interactions and becomes a real life companion with which your child will develop a unique and privileged relationship to create memorable moments.

Later, when baby grows up, his XXL cuddly toy will stimulate his imagination and creativity . He will use it to play, invent all kinds of adventures, and interact without limits!

Learning and managing emotions are also favored by a giant cuddly toy. It represents an object of transition, a faithful friend with whom your child will like to confide , share his fears, his anger, his sadness, but also his dreams and his moments of joy!

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At what age to offer a giant cuddly toy?

There is no age to offer a huge cuddly toy to a baby! However, note that before about 6 months , a baby will not really be able to appreciate his new cuddly toy and will pay little attention to it.

In addition, it is not recommended to put baby to sleep with a large stuffed animal. in bed before he is about two years old, as this can pose a choking hazard. It is therefore important to take all the necessary precautions to ensure baby's safety.

On the other hand, the giant cuddly toy can be installed in the baby's room from birth, as a decorative object. Thus, it will be part of baby's universe from an early age.

How are our giant stuffed animals made?

By choosing La Pelucherie , you are guaranteed to get the best in terms of stuffed animals.

Indeed, whether it's a big teddy bear or a big horse, our Big One is much more than just a comforter: it's a real work of art .

Each of our XXL comforters are carefully developed by our Italian seamstresses, who carry out a real work of goldsmith by assembling fabrics cut and sewn by hand, for an impeccable result and, above all, very soft!

Our stuffed animals come to life with incredible attention to detail and facial expressions , while the neat stuffing brings out the shape of the muscles and the movement of the legs.

In short, choosing a Big One from La Pelucherie means having the assurance of a quality soft toy that will withstand wear and tear and repeated and enthusiastic displays of affection from babies! Whether small or giant, our comforters are designed to last a lifetime. Moreover, they are guaranteed for life! 

Safe comforters!

Of course, baby's safety comes first. Our giant cuddly toys are made in compliance with European safety standards . They do not contain small detachable parts that could end up in baby's mouth and are made without flammable materials.
We also favor the choice of hypoallergenic materials for the fur of our stuffed animals, which in addition to being very soft eliminates any risk of allergy for babies.
In addition, despite their large size, our comforters are very easy to wash ! If the adventures lived with baby lead him to be dirty, you can always rinse his fur with water and brush him in the direction of the hair.

Comforters for all tastes!

Have you planned a savanna decoration for the baby's room? Turn to our giant giraffe for an original gift.

Giant Giraffe Comforter for Baby, La Pelucherie

The Giant Giraffe Soft Toy from La Pelucherie, A great gift for baby!

If it's the jungle that attracts you, our XXL tiger plush or our giant panther and her baby will be a perfect choice.

The horse and foal soft toy will appeal more to horse-riding lovers, while our big giant reindeer soft toy will be perfect for a mountain atmosphere.

Large Horse Soft Toy for Baby, La Pelucherie

The Giant Horse Plush and its foal! 

Finally, the giant teddy remains a timeless classic cuddly toy that will appeal to all babies, girls or boys!

Plush Teddy Bear, Giant Comforter For Baby, La Pelucherie

The softest big cuddly toy: The Giant Teddy Bear from La Pelucherie!

And for smaller cuddly toys, take a look at our catalog; we have stuffed animals for all tastes: dog, cat, rabbit, turtle, mouse, koala, seal, dolphin, and many more! 

All the handmade stuffed animals from La Pelucherie

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