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Ces peluches toxiques made in China...

These toxic stuffed animals made in China...

Rabbit, lion, tiger, panda, giraffe...all made in China!! (But not with us , of course)

1 stuffed animal sells every 2.5 seconds in France, i.e. 13 million per year, but only 1% of these stuffed animals are made in France .

Why do the French continue to buy their Chinese stuffed animals ?

A cheap plush: the easy choice

In a child's room, parents are easily persuaded to buy a soft toy for their baby or young child. The ease is necessarily to buy a soft toy or a low-end cuddly toy. It's true, whether it's a toy or a teddy bear, we parents tend to tell ourselves, at first sight, that "my child is too young anyway to tell the difference with a toy, a cuddly toy or a teddy bear that will have cost more". What if this difference could play a crucial role in the good development of your child?

4 out of 5 toys sold come from China

Do you know that Asia manufactures 75% to 80% of the toys on the French market, including a large number of stuffed animals and that the latter still too often contain products that are carcinogenic, irritating to the respiratory tract or toxic to brain development? of our babies (and our children…)? And this, despite the standards and controls...

Do we really know what is hidden behind these furry stuffed animals ?

The hidden side of the iceberg

China, through its network of wholesalers and subcontractors, manufactures almost all of the world's production of soft toys. However, if China manufactures a lot of soft toys, it is probably not without reason. Indeed, making a plush in China costs ten times less than in France . But behind these low costs, what sacrifices are hidden?

Low production costs in China can only inevitably have a negative impact on the working conditions and wages of employees.

And our stuffed animals in all this?

The good news ? All our soft and authentic stuffed animals are imagined in France and sewn by hand in our historic workshop in Italy: no hazardous materials, no machines, only love and know-how !

Unique according to the know-how of yesteryear, our soft toys each have their own expression with details of felt nostrils and leather eyelids. They are made with care because every detail counts: from the realistic design to the choice of fabric through the work of expression. They are true friends for life for young and old. Because a beautiful soft toy is the ideal gift for a birth gift, the gift that the baby will cuddle and keep for many years, our soft toys comply with European CE standards. Whether it is a baby or a young child, the soft toy is likely to be put in the mouth, like a rattle, hence the importance of the origin and composition of a soft toy and its padding.

Quality is an important selection criterion when choosing a soft toy and if you're like us, you must love soft toys that last a lifetime!

Plus, our plush is machine washable . After each wash, the hair regains all its softness.

Simply put, quality is our biggest flaw.

Our goal : that the soft toy becomes again the birth gift par excellence, a friend for the life of a child and a beautiful piece of decoration. You now know why La Pelucherie has decided to bet everything on ✨ quality ✨

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