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Pourquoi offrir une peluche à sa grand-mère pour sa fête ?

Why give a stuffed animal to her grandmother for her birthday?


If we exist today, it is entirely (and only) thanks to our maminou . His passion, his dedication and his love for beautiful things and family have made La Pelucherie what it is today!

Whether you call her Mamy, Maminou, Granny, Mamoune or Mamina, it doesn't matter because just like you, we would be nothing without our darling granny! But good news, like every first Sunday of March, it's Grandmother's Day . You knew that, didn't you?

So, for this special day, it's up to us to prove our love to them. Your grandmother has the right to a unique gift just like her! Why not a plush ?!

If you are lucky enough to be able to hug her or them for this event, we have decided to allow you to make this moment unforgettable and different! A little gift in the form of a comforting plush never hurt anyone...


It's always difficult to choose a beautiful gift for her grandmother, to the one who nevertheless spoiled us so much... If today you want to please her too, we have the solution: give her a soft toy ! You will no doubt have understood: the goal is to offer a unique gift to a unique person.

And believe us, if they love giving stuffed animals , it's because they love receiving them. Opting for a mug, a kitchen apron, a key ring, a gourmet box or even a box of chocolates will not really cause a sensation... The plush will be THE original and customizable that will make him happy!


Why should you bet on a plush?

1. To remind him of his childhood

If the plush is known to be the best friend of the child, it is not exclusively reserved for him, quite the contrary! Adults and the elderly love soft toys because maybe it's also a way to remain big children after all? Your grandma also had a cuddly toy at one time, so why not give her the soft toy that will remind her of her childhood ?

2. To remind him of his pet

Many grandparents have lost a pet, but offering a new pet is not always the right solution because in addition to not being a gift, an animal requires daily care and this can be compromised for an elderly person who may have difficulty moving around, for example. On the other hand, buying a stuffed animal for your grandmother can be a good alternative to remind her of her pet or replace an animal that she cannot have.

3. To bring him presence and comfort: the anti-loneliness remedy soft toy

Many elderly people feel alone because they are in a nursing home or because their family lives far away. Giving your grandmother a stuffed animal will give her a presence and will be a good remedy for loneliness .


If you want to offer an even more original gift: you can opt for personalization . Indeed, all our hand-sewn stuffed animals are delicately wrapped in a pretty pouch before being sent to you. However, you have the possibility to personalize this pouch by writing the first name or the date of your choice for a more personal packaging. This pretty personalized pouch can be used by your granny, in addition to storing her stuffed animal, storage for her sewing things, for example.


After reading these few lines, offering a plush toy will be obvious to you, but you are probably wondering, but which plush to choose? Don't panic, we have prepared a nice special selection for grandmothers with the top 3 stuffed animals that grandmas like ! On the program, teddy bears , cat cuddly toys and rabbit cuddly toys ; all made with lots of love.

Giving a bouquet of flowers for Grandmother's Day is quite traditional. Unlike ephemeral flowers, a beautiful soft toy will bring tenderness to your grandma for the rest of her life.

In conclusion, tell him "I love you" with a plush that will remain engraved in his heart ❤️

PS: Don't forget to add a note to his plush to wish him a happy birthday! A nice gift with a guaranteed wow effect ✨

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