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Which plush are you?

Do you want to reconnect with your childhood by buying a soft toy that suits you? Know that there is absolutely no reason not to get one!

That said, find THERE plush that suits you requires a minimum of awareness on yourselves, your tastes and your aspirations. Indeed, many are unaware of the fact that soft toys can reflect certain character traits and different personalities in the people who hold them. Thus, the choice of the ideal plush differs from one person to another.

In this article, we will help you find the one that suits you the most. Today, you can find a huge variety of stuffed animals on the market, each one more adorable than the other. The idea here is to help you find your totem plush! To do this, several things must be known. Let's get started without further ado!

The stuffed animal

Why get a plush?

In general, plush lovers are not content to buy just one. If they don't have mountains of them at home, they must surely have enough to cover their entire bed in stuffed animals. Some even have to part with a good part of their stuffed animals when they move or when they move in with their companions.

That said, every plush lover has at least one that they particularly like.

Regardless of their sizes and shapes, stuffed animals are generally distinguished by their softness and tenderness . It is not for nothing that children often consider them their best friends. Always smiling, the legend says that the stuffed animals never get angry, that they are never mean and that they would be unable to reveal the secrets entrusted to them.

In addition, each plush has its own traits. Some even wear different clothes, even if it is the same basic model, which gives them a certain level of authenticity.

A plush when you're an adult, is it weird?

When you were a child, nothing could reassure you more than the presence of your favorite stuffed animal. She gave you a feeling of comfort and you certainly felt safe when she was near you. Growing up, you probably grew apart from it. Indeed, few are those who still have their favorite plush , being an adult. Yet, as we'll see here, having a stuffed animal as an adult isn't a bad thing at all.

As Dr. Mayank Shukla, a sleep specialist in New York City, has pointed out, having a stuffed animal can help many people get back to deep sleep . If you have problems with insomnia, or if you just happen to have trouble sleeping, this method may be useful for you.

The effect of soft toys on psychology:

From a purely scientific point of view, children become attached to soft toys because they are transitional objects that allow them to develop their sensory and emotional capacities. Soft toys also limit anxiety , especially that related to separation, for example. This type of anxiety particularly affects children who have divorced parents or who are absent for several hours each day. It is for this reason that children treat their stuffed animals as their friends.

The soft toy is an object that comforts the child and protects him from a variety of traumas, such as separation anxiety and fear of abandonment. It is, moreover, not difficult to imagine how such an object can also be useful to an adult.

The relationship between stuffed animals and adults:

When we go to sleep, we automatically put ourselves in a vulnerable position. However, since sleep does not come instantly, it is imperative that we find a way to calm our mind, in order to be able to sleep. It turns out that even adults feel a sense of comfort when they come into contact with stuffed animals.

Thus, adults who have insomnia problems can improve their sleep, just by holding a small stuffed animal in their hands before sleeping. Simply touching something soft, like a stuffed animal, can help you relax and feel calmer.

Is it absolutely necessary to have a soft toy to improve your sleep?

The answer is no ! Stuffed animals work best, however, some adults may have similar results when holding other objects that have textures that are more like stuffed animals, such as pillows or a stress ball.

Niassance stuffed animals

How to find the ideal plush?

First, it's important to note that there are more teens and adults who sleep with their stuffed animals than you might think. If you're looking for a little comfort during the darkest nights, don't hesitate to get yourself a new soft toy.

Most stuffed animals are flexible and soft. That said, to find the one you need, you're probably going to have to look beyond the classic dolls and teddy bears. Here, we present to you which type of plush you should choose , depending on your personality.

Cuddly toys for shy people

If you are rather shy, you can opt for a stuffed hedgehog , for example. The animal is well known for curling up on itself, as soon as it feels that the eyes are riveted on it. In addition to being a particularly cute animal, the hedgehog is rather solitary and does not like to mingle with other animals. This character is therefore very representative of shy people.

Cuddly toys for nonchalant people

Not the type to take life too seriously? Why not choose a stuffed sloth ? As its name suggests, this animal is never in a hurry. It is therefore perfectly suitable for individuals of carefree character, who are always zen. In addition, these stuffed animals are generally well appreciated for their very endearing appearance.

Soft toys for the young at heart

There is a big difference between refusing to grow up, which is symptomatic of the Peter Pan syndrome, and simply preserving a part of your child's heart. If you fall into the latter category, we suggest you buy a plush of your favorite character from cartoons or video games. These are sure to bring back fond memories of your childhood.

Cuddly toys for optimistic people

The fact of wanting to cuddle a soft toy to sleep better is not always due to psychological problems. We can quite do it by being completely fulfilled. In this case, we suggest lively and dynamic animal stuffed animals, such as tigers, rabbits or even kangaroos … These animals reflect determination and are particularly combative.

Cuddly toys for confident people

Strong-willed people may find it hard to accept that they want to sleep next to their favorite stuffed animals. So keep this little secret to yourself. When it comes to stuffed animals you may be interested in, consider the strongest and most majestic animals, such as the lion, tiger, and wolf . You can also opt for flying animals, like the eagle and the falcon.

Soft toys for impulsive people

Impulsive people are essentially characterized by their mood swings. These people often need soft toys that help them better control their emotions. Among the stuffed animals that have the most success with these types of individuals are those that are like pets, such as dogs and cats . It is also recommended to choose soft toys equipped with a voice recording system, on which you can record small messages of call to serenity.

What stuffed animal should be offered to an adult?

Finding the right plush for an adult is certainly not easy, but having an idea of ​​his personality, it becomes quite possible. Also, in this way, you can ensure that the person will appreciate your gift. That said, sometimes it's better to make the choice based on the emotional state of the person, rather than their character and personality.

Thus, it is preferable to offer a teddy bear to a person who has just experienced a difficult separation, even if the latter has a strong personality, at the base. Similarly, it is better to offer a stuffed tiger to a shy person, to encourage him before he goes to a job interview, for example.

Teddy bears for lovers

Whether it's to celebrate an occasion or to show your affection, buying yourself a pair of stuffed animals to share with your better half is, indeed, an excellent idea. Beyond being a simple gift, this romantic gesture testifies to an attachment that will not fail to touch the heart of your partner.

Even if they are rather classic, teddy bears remain the most popular gift that one can offer to his soulmate. Plus, they blend easily with any decor, meaning they'll easily find their place in any bedroom.

Opt for ecological stuffed animals

Being an adult also means being responsible for the environment. By buying biodegradable or recyclable stuffed animals , you will be able to sleep better, with a clear conscience. Do not hesitate to consult the manufacturing sheet of the plush you wish to buy. This will allow you, among other things, to learn more about the origin of the materials used in its design.

Also make sure the stuffed animal has the Möbius Strip which means it is fully recyclable. Otherwise, it is important that the plush is completely biodegradable. This means that its components no longer need to be recyclable. Their coloring must not contain chemical elements that are harmful to the environment. The ideal is therefore to choose soft toys that have been created with organic and natural raw materials.

In addition to the undeniable advantage in terms of the environment, having an ecological plush is also beneficial for your health. Indeed, when you hug your stuffed animal while you sleep, you will probably breathe very close to its faux fur fabric. It turns out that stuffed animals that are dangerous for nature are also dangerous for your health. This choice therefore allows you to protect yourself against several diseases related to the use of chemicals and other toxic elements for the body. One thinks, in particular, of brominated flame retardants which can potentially be dangerous.

In addition, some stuffed animals include wooden elements. The poor treatment of these elements, whether to limit their inflammation or to make them more resistant to natural attacks and contact with water, can make them toxic. It is therefore not surprising to find heavy metals, azo dyes, formaldehydes and phthalates. Fortunately, in France, these elements are strictly controlled and their dosages are almost never harmful.

In order to ensure that you have purchased a healthy product, which poses no risk to your health, you should always check its CE marking. The latter indicates that the product has indeed been checked and that its manufacturer complies with the standards imposed by Community regulations. In other words, if the plush does not have this marking, it means that it has necessarily been acquired on the black market and that its presence in France is not justified.

Finally, it should be remembered that stuffed animals resemble cushions in every way. Thus, to preserve its health, it is imperative to ventilate them and even to wash them periodically. Indeed, stuffed animals have an unfortunate tendency to accumulate dust and dust mites, which explains why they remain unsuitable for people with allergies.

The Soft Toy Your Favorite Soft Toys

As you will have understood, to find your ideal plush toy, it is essential to know yourself. No matter how old you are, you can always have a good time with your stuffed animal. The relationship with these objects also has several positive effects on your psychology. Moreover, the more time passes, the more memories you will have to cherish, alongside your favorite stuffed animal.

Today, the idea is no longer whether you should have a stuffed animal, but rather which one you need. It's up to you to take stock of your main characteristics and choose your favorite plush using our guide above!

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