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Quelle décoration pour une chambre de bébé ?

What decoration for a baby's room?

Are you expecting a happy event and do you want your child's room to be ready on the day of his birth? You can perfectly start the preparation of its decoration as soon as possible! You certainly don't want your child missing anything when they arrive. Good news: in this article, we present our selection of the best decoration tips for your baby's room . We have also taken care to list a series of varied ideas that will undoubtedly suit you. Let's get started without further ado!

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The best tips for decorating a baby's room

As with all rooms, decorating a baby room can be done easily by following a few basic rules. Moreover, these rules can be easily adapted to your taste so that you can finally create the perfect room for your child. In this way, you can transform the whole room by bringing in a few new elements.

Choose wallpaper rich in patterns

In addition to being adapted to the theme of the decoration, it is possible to find wallpaper with lots of different patterns. These patterns can, for example, be images of animals or dinosaurs: ideal if you plan to make a themed decoration based on stuffed animals ! In this case, we also advise you to limit yourself to simple furniture, in order to put the soft toys more in value. This idea is particularly interesting, because it allows you to transform the whole decoration simply by replacing soft toys or by making them change their place, in the room.

Focus on the strengths of the room

If you are not particularly demanding with regard to the decoration of your baby's room, we advise you to take inspiration from the basic decoration of the room reserved for him. This method is also convenient, since it already gives you the first pieces of the puzzle. This will make it easier for you to orient yourself and find the best possible decoration for the room. In addition, by using again elements that are already present in the room, you will be able to limit the costs of the decoration.

Adapt the decoration to the needs of the baby

Babies are known to spend most of their time lying on their backs. For this reason, it is important to think about installing decorative elements where they can see them. Based on this tip, place stuffed animals on the shelves and hang more above their cradles. In addition to entertaining them, soft toys play a key role in the cognitive development of babies.

When it comes to emotional balance, make sure your crib will allow your baby to see you no matter where you are in the room. Indeed, especially during the first months, babies need to maintain eye contact with their parents so that they are reassured.

Choose furniture that stands the test of time

While the crib will only be useful for 3 years (at most), it is still essential for your baby. As a solution, you can opt for a convertible crib . The latter can be transformed into a bed for children, which will accompany yours until the age of 7 years. However, this is not the case for all furniture and some are optional. So take the time to choose essential furniture first.

Take a Subtle Approach to the Bedroom Theme

Creating a nursery doesn't mean cramming it full of kids' toys and accessories. Indeed, you can give style and a sophisticated air to the room by focusing on sobriety and simplicity. In this context, you can settle for two sober colors in the wallpaper and a few soft toys that you will place strategically in the four corners of the room. Do not hesitate to choose the theme based on the color of the floor, if the latter is too pronounced.

Choose color

Of course, we're not going to ask you to create a design worthy of a professional decorator for your baby's room. That said, by limiting yourself to only one shade, you can guarantee a good result. Vary the patterns drawn to bring more variety to the design, without risking ruining it. Also note that it is always preferable to opt for a light shade , if the room lacks brightness.

Play with color contrast

If you have a room painted white and find it monotonous, feel free to add black stripes to emphasize the contrast of the two colors. This unique decoration is also not likely to be expensive. Indeed, to set it up, you will not even need to buy paint. You just need to use strips of wallpaper .

Moreover, it is interesting to note that the decoration in question is unisex. Therefore, we recommend it to you especially if you are one of those who prefer to know the sex of the baby, the day of his birth. Of course, it is strongly recommended to use furniture in black and white, in order to maintain a harmony of colors throughout the decoration.

Opt for bright colors

If you prefer to bring more cheerfulness to your child's room, do not hesitate to add bright colors. Rainbow curtains almost always work with light walls, and even with gray. Teal is also a great choice for boys, while pink is naturally ideal for girls.

Give relief to the decoration of the baby's room

The relief can be easily highlighted by installing a 3D wall decoration . You can achieve this effect by placing wooden pallets of the geometric shape you prefer. It is also possible to use other materials, such as plaster. To maximize the relief effect, give these shapes unique colors.

Consider future babies

It is possible that you plan to expand the family after the arrival of your first child. In this case, it would be wise to devote a small space to the newborn and a larger space for a bunk bed . In this way, the first baby will go from the cradle to the bed, before the arrival of the second. The latter will therefore occupy the place of his eldest in the cradle, before joining him in the bunk bed.

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The best decoration ideas for a baby room

In order to help you find the best decor for your newborn's room, here we present a series of suggestions. We have come up with several designs suitable for a variety of situations. You can take inspiration from these ideas to find the perfect decoration for your baby's room.

Decoration idea for a small baby room

If your child's bedroom is a little on the small side, consider painting one wall a navy blue hue . This will reinforce the sense of depth and make the room seem larger. Install a colorful vintage carpet to bring more cheerfulness to the decoration. Also, don't hesitate to enhance the room's unique architectural features.

You can almost transform a corner with a sloping ceiling into a beautiful, friendly space by placing a light-colored cradle there, for example. Highlight the space by hanging dark wallpaper on the wall behind the crib. Finally, balance everything with white walls that will highlight the rest of the decorative elements.

Classic baby room decoration

The classic never goes out of style and generally appeals to everyone. Here we suggest installing a sober and light blue wallpaper, which will accommodate the simple design cradle and some art paintings. At ground level, roll out a gray carpet, which will cover the entire surface.

Add a few shelves and adorn them with children's books and stuffed animals, to keep with the theme. In the same context, you can lean towards a vintage decoration . The most difficult thing is to find a cradle that goes well with the rest of the decorative elements.

Lighted baby room decoration

If your child's room is well lit, you can afford to decorate it using dark colors. This will open the doors to a variety of more or less daring designs. You have, for example, the possibility of opting for an urban style, with a cradle in metal or dark wood and a theme dominated by the color petrol blue. To preserve a certain contrast, you can hang light paintings and install some white furniture.

However, you should know that such a design will not work in a dimly lit bedroom, as it may become dark due to its dull colors. Admittedly, this style is nothing like the cliché of the colorful kid's room, but if you like it, you can go for it. It is certain that your baby will not hold it against you.

A minimalist style for a baby room

By going for simplicity, you can achieve a great minimalist design. In this case, it is always better to lean towards white. Install simple wooden furniture and keep the walls simple. There's no need to put up wallpaper and you can just hang a few family photos .

Also keep geometric simplicity in the decorative elements you install. We think, for example, of a medium-sized basket to store your child's stuffed animals.

Glamorous decoration for baby room

Instead of getting lost in generic designs, try a glamorous style instead. Install some neon lights and form the initials of your child's name with colored bulbs. Place these on a wood-clad wall to emphasize the glamorous side of the design.

As for the curtains, it is better to use secondary colors, such as red and yellow. If you want to have patterns on the curtains, choose rather for fine lines, which are not likely to be too conspicuous.

A summer design for the baby room

By placing a few decorative elements in strategic places in your baby's room, you can easily give it a tropical style. Place a small umbrella over the crib and decorate the room with stuffed tropical and aquatic animals. Add natural or synthetic exotic plants and you're done.

Girl-exclusive baby room decor

At the risk of being predictable, painting the baby room pink to welcome your daughter is not necessarily a bad idea. Besides, you can show originality in other points, such as acquiring a royal cradle, worthy of your new princess. Decorate the room with a variety of stuffed animals . These can be of any color. So pick the ones you like the most.

Decorating idea for a twin baby room

Since twin babies are notorious for preventing each other from sleeping, it's important to find the best ways to distract them. Thus, we advise you to choose a spatial theme for the bedroom. There you will have the possibility to install a projection lamp that will cover the ceiling of the room. The star patterns that will gently spin above their heads will help them get back to sleep quickly. You can also hang a few plush planets from the ceiling, or even recreate the entire solar system.

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After this overview, you should already have an idea of ​​how you plan to decorate your baby's room. You can take inspiration from the decorative ideas we have proposed and use our tips to make your job easier. Do not forget that above all, you must make a decoration that you like and that does not limit the comfort of the child. For the rest, you can let your imagination run wild. Up to you !

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