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Decorative tips for a forest-themed baby room!

The forest theme is one of the favorites for decorating a baby's room. Its soothing atmosphere provides calm and serenity to newborns, while trees and animals stimulate their awakening and curiosity.

In addition, stuffed animals , toys, fabrics, and baby accessories on the theme of the forest are not lacking! Whether for a girl or a boy, dive into the world of forest decoration without further delay. 

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Hand sewn stuffed animals, La Pelucherie

Baby room on the theme of the forest: Colors, patterns and materials

First, the theme of the forest is a universal theme that suits both girls and boys. Then, it's an absolutely adorable decor in which animals have a prominent place. And to top it off, a forest decoration is a great source of awakening and wonder while providing a zen and serene atmosphere for baby.

But to create this atmosphere, no improvisation! Prior reflection on the choice of colors, patterns and materials is essential. So, before revealing our great forest decor ideas, let's start with these three basic principles.

The colors of the forest

Obviously, greens in all their shades are essential for a forest decor. From light moss green to deep forest green, passing through soft sage green, do not hesitate to vary the pleasures.

  • Shades of brown , reminiscent of wood, tree bark, and mushrooms, will bring a lot of warmth.
  • Soft beiges and grays are also perfect for reminiscent of rocks, pebbles and forest paths.
  • Fall colors such as russet, orange and gold can add a touch of cheerfulness.

And if you want more, feel free to add a little red, blue, yellow, etc. After all, in the forest, there are mushrooms all crazier than each other!

Forest patterns

Again, the theme of the forest is not lacking in patterns for children!

One thinks of course of the patterns of trees and leaves , whether stylized or realistic. Forest animals such as deer, squirrels, owls, foxes, but also insects can be depicted in a playful and adorable way, stimulating the child's imagination.

Also think of the patterns of wild flowers, mushrooms or butterflies which will bring a touch of lightness and poetry to your decor.

Natural materials

To create a real forest atmosphere , prefer natural materials that evoke the raw and wild aspect of the forest.

Wood is the material of choice , whether for furniture, toys or decorative accessories. Choose light wood species such as pine, beech or birch for a Scandinavian atmosphere , or opt for darker woods in an enchanted forest.

For fabrics, think of linen, cotton and wool, soft and warm materials. Rattan and wicker can also bring a lot of authenticity and charm to interior decoration.

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Decorative ideas for a forest baby room

Now, time for ideas! Here are 8, original, creative, and easy to make to perfect the forest decoration of the baby's room:

1. Forest animal stuffed animals

It is difficult to design a baby's room without stuffed animals, the great essentials of children's decoration.

Imagine a family of teddy bears , from the imposing papa bear to the very soft teddy bear , proudly enthroned on a wooden shelf. Think of the little rabbit watching over baby's sleep from the chest of drawers, or even the ladybug or the hedgehog , always ready to stimulate his imagination.

Ladybug soft toy, forest decoration, La Pelucherie

The Ladybug Lily Plush Toy , La Pelucherie .

Let's not forget the wolf , which has fascinated children since the dawn of time, or the majestic reindeer to bring a touch of nobility to the whole.

Wolf soft toy, forest animal baby room decoration, La Pelucherie

The Gaspard Wolf Plush , The Plush Toy .

And why not think outside the box and create an enchanted rainforest, populated by monkeys , koalas , pandas , or even a giant black panther ?

La Pelucherie is full of comforters and stuffed animals of the forest . From the smallest of the little mice to the biggest of the cuddly bears... Some of our stuffed animals reach 2 meters : enough to give a real boost to your decoration!

Hand-sewn giant stuffed animals, La Pelucherie

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2. Forest wallpaper

Transforming a wall into a grand window that overlooks an enchanted forest: that's the superpower of wallpaper.

For a soft, dreamy vibe, consider forest patterns in rather pastel hues . And for animal lovers, there's nothing like little foxes, owls and rabbits, each cuter than the next.

For an artistic note, don't be afraid to opt for more abstract or stylized designs . Shadows of trees, an impressionist interpretation of the forest, Picasso-style insects...

3. A mobile with forest animals

Imagine singing birds, dancing leaves, squirrels hopping from branch to branch, all hanging above your baby's crib.

The forest-themed mobile gives baby a captivating show and gently whispers in his ear: "Welcome to the forest!"

Choose a wooden mobile for a more natural look, or fabric for a touch of softness.

Bring the forest into baby's room by adding green plants. They will bring a breath of fresh air and a touch of the wild, transforming your decor into an oasis of greenery .

You can place a majestic fern in a corner of the room, for example. Or even decorate a shelf with small succulents . And how about a devil's creeper , proudly climbing a wall trellis?

5. Curtains and sheets with forest motifs

Whether it's the curtains, the bed linen, the bumper, the blanket, or the carpet, also take advantage of the fabrics to intensify and refine your forest decoration . For example :

  • Curtains decorated with leaf patterns
  • Sheets that tell a story of the forest, animals that walk in the woods
  • A groundsheet imitating the undergrowth

6. A cabin in the woods!

Imagine a small wooden cabin or teepee tucked away in the corner of the bedroom. They can serve as a reading nook, a hiding place for the most precious treasures, or simply a place for some peace.

And the cabin bed is the icing on the cake for a forest-themed child's room! What child doesn't dream of living in a cabin in the woods or camping in a teepee in the middle of the forest?

7. A mushroom night light

And when night falls on the forest, a little light comes on to watch over baby. It is the night light, a must in the child's room.

Precisely, many models fall exactly into the theme of the forest, and in particular night lights in the shape of a mushroom, an owl or an owl, a firefly, or even the moon.

8. Nature stickers and posters

And for the walls, again you are spoiled for choice in the forest decor. Do not hesitate to create a breathtaking fresco of the forest using stickers, or more soberly pose some frames of animals of the forest .

The possibilities are endless and depend above all on the realistic or fantastic atmosphere you want to create for baby.

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And you, what decoration did you choose for the baby's room? Share your best ideas and tips with our readers!

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