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The ultimate gift guide for grandma: 50 original ideas!

To you loving and devoted grandchildren who are wondering how to spoil your wonderful grandmother for her birthday, her birthday or Christmas : you have come to the right place!

We've compiled a list of 50 quirky, touching, and sometimes unexpected gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your darling grandma's face.

The 10 most original gifts for grandma

Let's start with our Top 10 of the most unusual gifts for a grandmother:

1. A custom plush

Giving a custom plush to your grandmother is giving a personalized, touching, and unforgettable gift .

La Pelucherie offers to make your own stuffed animals, for example, in the image of your granny's cat or dog .

Hand-sewn and of exceptional quality, our stuffed animals are among the favorites of grandmothers . Besides, yours surely knows our brand! It was our grandmother who created La Pelucherie, a veritable institution on the Champs-Élysées since 1976.

For smaller budgets, you can have one of our customizable stuffed animals embroidered with your granny's name or a little message for her.

Hand-sewn soft toys, La Pelucherie

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2. The WonderBox for an extra granny

TheWonderBox For An Extra Granny is an excellent gift for Grandmother's Day. 

This gift box meets all the tastes and desires of our dear grannies : a well-being break at the spa, a delicious meal in a restaurant, a creative workshop, a cultural outing or even a short stay. Some activities can be done in pairs if you want to accompany him!

3. A Linote tablet for the elderly

If your grandmother fears technology, the Linote senior tablet is made for her! Very easy to use, it is specially designed for the elderly .

It can help your grandmother stay connected with the family through simple functions such as video chat, receiving photos, or reading received messages by voice.

4. A personalized book for grandma

A personalized book is a creative and intimate gift . It's also a time to honor your grandmother's life and her invaluable contribution to your family.

Whether it 's a collection of family recipes, a family history or a photo album, grandma can immerse herself in it to reminisce about good memories.

5. Home care

For an older grandmother who struggles to get around and feels isolated, providing home care is a thoughtful way to support her while also making her happy.

Whether it is a housekeeper, a private nurse, a sports coach, a beautician or a hairdresser at home , these services can greatly improve their quality of life. They will help her maintain her independence and feel less alone.

So here is a thoughtful gift that has a real and tangible impact on your grandma's daily life!

6. A family photo on a giant canvas

What better way to brighten up your grandma's day than a giant canvas family photo!

It is a lively and joyful gift , both an object of decoration and a celebration of family love. A nice way to say "Thank you, Grandma, for all you do for us".

And the best part of it all? Your gift will make her smile several times a day as she passes by!

7. A connected love box

Have you ever heard of the Love Box ? A connected love box specially designed for our grandparents !

The little red heart of this wooden cube starts spinning when you send a message, a photo or a drawing to your grandma from the application downloaded to your mobile.

Grandma has only to open the lid to discover your message. And she can make the heart spin to send a shower of love back to you.

We love ! A great gift idea for the whole family to quickly and easily send their thoughts to grandma.

8. The Young Grandparents Survival Guide

The Survival Guide for Young Grandparents , published by Éditions Leduc Humor, is a gift full of humor and perfect if you have just had children!

The authors accompany your grandparents in this new mission that they are "forced to accept!" “by providing” 80 lists to help them hold the shock “.

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9. Grandma's Birthday Diary

I imagine your grandmother's surprise when she opens her gift and finds an original diary from the day she was born.

Thanks to this time travel , she will be able to read the news, sporting events, film reviews and even advertisements of the time.

Not only is this gift fun and fascinating, but it's also a window into the past, a reminder of how the world has changed in her lifetime.

And it's not just a gift, it's a treasure to be treasured for future generations .

You can find your grandmother's birthday diary online, on sites like Journals Originals (available from 1921).

10. The 100 things to do in your life poster!

We love this gift because it's a great opportunity to share good times with your grandma , to make her talk about her past life to discover her story which is also yours.

This poster is made up of 100 scratch boxes corresponding to the 100 things to do in a lifetime. Your grandma will take great pleasure in telling you about the ones she has already made. And for the others, it's an opportunity to challenge her and share great moments with her!

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40 other great gifts for an over the moon grandmother!

  1. A digital frame for family photos

  2. A box of artisanal teas

  3. A diary to write down memories

  4. An organic garden box

  5. An embroidery or knitting kit

  6. A set of skin care

  7. A painting or pottery workshop

  8. A family tree pendant

  9. A DNA genealogy service

  10. A pretty indoor plant

  11. A yoga or meditation class

  12. A massage in a spa

  13. A gourmet culinary experience

  14. A personalized handbag

  15. A subscription to a book club

  16. An audiobook by a favorite author

  17. A large format reader

  18. A personalized puzzle with a family photo

  19. A pastry set

  20. A kit to make your own candles

  21. A soft and warm handmade sweater

  22. A shiatsu massage cushion

  23. A porcelain teapot set

  24. A box of wines from his favorite region

  25. A bracelet engraved with the names of her grandchildren

  26. A set of relaxing essential oils

  27. An online cooking class

  28. A calendar with family photos

  29. A heating blanket

  30. An aromatic plant growing kit

  31. A foot massager

  32. An embroidered apron

  33. An orthopedic pillow

  34. A handmade vase

  35. A cushion with a family photo

  36. A pair of heated slippers

  37. A box of homemade jams

  38. A mug with the names of his grandchildren

  39. A reading cushion for the bed

  40. A meditation mat

And you ? What are your best gift ideas for our beloved grandmothers?

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