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Christmas stuffed animals: 5 original gift ideas!

Ho ho ho! Christmas is fast approaching and it's almost time to find the perfect gift to make the eyes of young and old alike sparkle.

And what could be cuter and cuddlier than slipping a cozy stuffed animal under the tree? It's always a hit, a safe bet, a timeless gift.

But this year, we're going off the beaten track! Let's face it: we're all a little tired of traditional stuffed Santa Clauses, reindeer, snowmen, elves and gingerbread .

If this year you want to offer a plush toy with a touch of madness, a touch of originality, you've come to the right place. Here are 5 ideas for original Christmas stuffed animals, signed La Pelucherie.

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What stuffed animals to offer at Christmas?

For the reading of this article, we recommend that you prepare your best hot chocolate, sit comfortably by the fireplace and put on your big Christmas socks. Ready? Go!

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1. Give real stuffed animals

The fashion for caricature stuffed animals and fictional characters has passed for a few years now. This year for Christmas, make way for realistic stuffed animals!

These soft and cuddly gifts are designed to look as much like real animals as possible : from majestic tigers and naughty dogs , to cuddly bunnies , adorable pandas , and of course the must-have teddy bears .

Incredible detail, fur texture and eye shine bring these plushies to life to make a special Christmas gift. More than a soft toy, you offer a companion for life .

In addition, the realistic stuffed animals, sewn by hand, reflect a more responsible consumption . The era of “ made in China ”, mass-produced generic products, is over. Today we all crave authenticity, durability, and gifts made with care and love.

Hand-sewn stuffed animals La Pelucherie

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2. Personalize your Christmas stuffed animals

A personalized plush is a Christmas gift that comes straight from the heart. A gift that says: " I thought of you i . I took the time to create something unique for you".

The nimble-fingered seamstresses at La Pelucherie turn into little elves a few months before the end-of-year celebrations, ready to embroider the stuffed animals before you slip them under the tree.

Find here the collection of our customizable stuffed animals .

3. A custom plush toy with the image of a pet

And for a gift that stands out completely, the Santa Claus workshops at La Pelucherie are even equipped to make your custom stuffed animals .

A plush toy in the image of your little niece's hamster, your grandmother's cat, or your lover's dog is a Christmas present they will never forget . So, think about it in advance and contact us as soon as possible!

4. A giant reindeer for your Christmas decor!

Ok, we said no traditional Christmas stuffed animals... But here, we're not talking about the famous Christmas Reindeer wearing his green and red scarf. No, we're talking about a life-size plush toy .

Giant Reindeer Soft Toy, Christmas Decoration and Gift, La Pelucherie

XXL Reindeer Plush from La Pelucherie

Yes, yes, a 180 cm reindeer. In your living room. Next to the tree. Rather trendy and original as a Christmas decoration , don't you think?

And to offer a big gift this year, consult our catalog of giant stuffed animals. These adorable XXL animals are the ideal Christmas gift for children who love games and hugs in large format and for adults who want an original decoration.

Hand-sewn giant stuffed animals La Pelucherie

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5. The Roodoodoo family: Christmas 2023 stuffed animals!

The Roodoodoo Family is the brand new collection from La Pelucherie which is a huge success with children . This is THE plush to offer at Christmas this year!

These little round animals are a hit in the playgrounds. So don't hesitate to offer Chacha the Cat , Coco the Pig , Dada the Panda , Lulu the Rabbit , Nono the Dog , or Pipo the Hippo to the children of the family. Success guaranteed!

Round soft toy, hand sewn La Pelucherie

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And you ? What stuffed animal are you going to give for Christmas?

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