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Peluche tigre, peluche de la jungle pour déco chambre La Pelucherie

Decorative ideas for a jungle or savanna baby room!

Welcome to the jungle! Plush decoration tips to transform the baby's room into a real adventure in the heart of the jungle or the savannah. A theme that fits both girls and boys!

Jungle plush, hand sewn, La Pelucherie

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How to create a jungle decoration?

Creating a special atmosphere in a child's room requires paying attention to several elements, starting with colors, patterns, and materials.

The jungle is a tropical forest that is characterized by a high density of trees, plants and animals . It is a green and lush environment .

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The colors and patterns of the jungle

For a jungle look, the go-to color palette consists mostly of shades of green, ranging from deep emerald green to bright apple green .

You can add touches of brown to represent the earth, yellow to evoke the sun, and even blue for the sky or water. Feel free to play with different shades to create a dynamic and stimulating space for baby.

Jungle patterns

The jungle is rich in patterns! Palm, monstera or banana leaves can be a good choice. Wild animal designs such as zebras, giraffes, lions or monkeys add a playful touch for children.

You can also incorporate more abstract patterns that evoke the wild and jungle look .

The materials of the jungle

First, the wood. Opt for raw wood furniture to complement the jungle-themed bedroom decor.

For curtains, sheets, and rugs, consider natural fabrics like cotton or linen . In addition to being environmentally friendly, they are soft and comfortable for babies' delicate skin.

Have fun varying the materials. The jungle is a nice mix, so go for it! Felt, wicker, rustic jute, paper, cork ...

You have understood it, a jungle baby room will give a dense and luxuriant atmosphere . If you prefer a more open and airy decor , opt for a savanna decor instead!

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How to create a savannah / safari decoration?

In the savannah, we are more on sparse vegetation and large open spaces . The fauna is abundant there: there are lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, antelopes, etc.

The colors of the savannah

On the color side, one will choose a mixed palette that evokes both the reddish earth, the vast expanses of grass, and the clear sky of the savannah. Warm, earthy tones (from deep red to soft brown) will be paired with soft olive and khaki green and light to medium blue.

The patterns of the savannah

For the savanna decor, we are of course thinking of animal motifs from the savannah , such as the stripes of the zebra, the spots of the giraffe, the mane of the lion, or the dry skin of the elephant.

The landscapes are also interesting. For example , a savannah horizon with sparse trees would look beautiful on a large wall. Or a large baobab full of legends to tell the children !

If you prefer the abstract, why not African tribal designs to stimulate your children's imagination and creativity?

The materials of the savannah

As with the jungle, a savannah-themed decoration will emphasize natural and robust materials that evoke a wilderness.

Prefer wood, rattan, cotton, jute, skins and leathers if you like, and even straw for certain decorative objects such as mobiles, hats hung on the wall, or storage baskets. It brings an interesting texture and evokes the dry grasses of the savannah.

10 decorative ideas for a jungle or savanna baby room

Now that the basics are laid, here are some simple but original decorating ideas for a jungle or savanna baby room!

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1. Full pattern paper!

Do not be afraid ; dare the full pattern, your children will love it!

For a jungle vibe, how about a wallpaper with playful monkeys hiding among the leaves? Or colorful toucans?

For the savannah, one can imagine a golden and mysterious sunset, dotted with silhouettes of acacia trees and wild animals.

We also love the panoramic wallpapers that transform the baby's room into a jungle fresco.

2. Wild stuffed animals!

How can you imagine a jungle or savanna decor without the animals that go with it! Transform the baby's room into a real safari with a careful selection of wild stuffed animals.

That's good, La Pelucherie has everything you need: roaring lions , majestic giraffes , mischievous monkeys , panthers, pandas, crocodiles, elephants... Our wild jungle stuffed animals will bring your superb decor to life!

And if you have the space, the must of the must is to add a giant stuffed animal to the baby's room. Imagine a 2 meter giraffe quietly nibbling the leaves of the wallpaper. There, we are really at the heart of a safari in the savannah!

Wild animals and jungle soft toys, La Pelucherie

Wild Stuffed Animals from La Pelucherie , for a Successful Jungle Decoration!

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3. Real plants!

Add plants, real ones ! In addition to perfecting your decor, they improve air quality and filter certain pollutants .

For a jungle decor, a monstera, ferns, climbing plants, or a dwarf palm would be great! For the savannah, think of miniature bonsais and baobabs.


4. Explorer huts!

There's nothing like a cabin or a tepee to reinforce the jungle or savannah spirit of your decor. It also makes it possible to create playful and imaginative spaces for future explorers.

Depending on how much space you have, add a small wooden cabin, a teepee, a hanging tent, a cabin bed, or a fabric tunnel .

5. Original furniture!

Immerse baby in the world of the jungle or the savannah by doubling your imagination for the furniture in his room. Some creative ideas:

  • A hot air balloon basket flying over the savannah
  • Shelves in the shape of twisted vines
  • Explorer crates as shelves
  • A hanging baby hammock
  • Travel trunks as storage boxes

6. Creative wall art!

The decoration of the walls can also complete your decoration on the theme of the jungle or the savannah. And there is plenty to be creative about:

  • Animal heads (plush please!) hanging on the walls
  • Posters
  • Frescoes
  • inspirational quotes
  • portraits of wild animals
  • Stylized world maps
  • Posters and photos of jungles or savannahs
  • hand drawings
  • animal footprints

7. Imaginary lights!

What if the ceiling light in the bedroom looked like a setting sun on the savannah? Or perhaps a moon-shaped wall light , to guide your little adventurer's dreams through the night. But what is this monkey hanging from the lamp doing ?

8. Curtains and carpets in the theme!

Take advantage of the curtains and rugs to refine the atmosphere of the baby's room. 

Imagine verdant curtains of banana leaves creating the illusion of a lush jungle . Or Chinese shadows in which we guess the silhouettes of jungle animals.

And why not an animal-shaped rug to amaze your little one?

9. Jungle sheets!

And the bedding! An essential element that can really make a difference in a jungle themed room. You will be spoiled for choice and will easily find children's sheets with animal motifs , tropical leaves, colorful insects, parrots, or others.

If you're worried about overdoing the decor, consider geometric patterns for a more subtle, streamlined look .

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10. Jungle and savannah accessories!

In interior decoration, the details make all the difference . For a jungle, savanna, or safari baby room, add for example:

  • themed pillows
  • A mobile with jungle animals
  • A butterfly net hanging from the ceiling
  • Adventurer's books
  • A mini zoo of wild stuffed animals
  • An elephant-shaped night light
  • Wicker or canvas baskets
  • Wall stickers
  • tree trunk coat racks
  • themed lampshades

Finally, the best advice we can give you: let your imagination run wild!

And you, what decoration did you choose for your child's room?

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