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Réaliser une déco savane pour sa chambre bébé

Make a savannah decoration for your baby's room

Make the little ones travel without having them leave their room, it's possible! For this, discover our stuffed animals that will give a nursery a theme centered on the jungle or the savannah . Rather than opting for the classic blue of a boy's room and the pink of a girl's room, choose neutral, warm and exotic tones, and surround the newborn with wild animals that will make him happy!

You are spoiled for choice for a jungle or savannah baby room decor. Whether the format, which can range from a small stuffed toy to a giant stuffed animal, but also the type of stuffed animal you want for your child. Would you like a large majestic feline, like our Zélie panther plush, or the Melchior plush lion? Or do you prefer cute animals like the adorable monkey Marcel or the friendly elephant Victor? If, on the other hand, you want a plush that stands out for its size, why not take a look at our Big Ones collection and its giant giraffe or tiger? It's up to you to see which exotic animal inspires you the most confidence!

Whatever your choice, you will be guaranteed a top-of-the-range soft toy made with care to make it the perfect doll for a savannah or jungle-themed baby room. Each has been lovingly made by our Italian seamstresses , using hand sewn and cut fabric assemblages. Finally, constant attention to detail brings life to each of the animals in La Pelucherie . With their expressive faces, silky soft coats and finely sculpted muscles from their stuffing , our savannah and jungle stuffed animals are sure to impress you.

As wild as they are, our jungle and savannah stuffed animals are made with the safety of the youngest in mind. Each of our stuffed animals is made in compliance with European safety standards , in particular by avoiding small elements that are easy to tear off, and by using flammable materials. We also favor the choice of hypoallergenic materials for the fur of the plush toy, which in addition to being very soft will avoid any risk of allergy for the youngest. No difficulty washing our stuffed animals either, for which a simple brushing or rinsing with water will be enough to be clean as a whistle again!

If you want a savannah decoration, our stuffed animals are therefore the ideal birth gift, especially if you bring them with the birth kit , and its personalized embroidered pouch on which you can have the initials of your choice written. You will thus acquire a companion for life for the newborn, who will accompany him through all the stages of his awakening to the world.

If you want to vary the pleasures and not be satisfied with a savannah and jungle baby room decoration, you can also add more common soft toys to our exotic stuffed animals. Our collections of farm animals, mountain animals, forest animals and sea animals are waiting for you.

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