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Que demander en cadeau de naissance ?

What to ask for as a birth gift?

When we learn that a child has just been born, everyone is delighted: the parents, the family, the relatives, and even the nursing staff of the hospital! It is in this context that we always wonder what we should offer to the baby's family at birth. A stuffed toy ? Clothes ? Early learning toys? You're spoiled for choice, but you're having trouble deciding...

In this article, you will find the best birth gift ideas , so that the arrival of your baby (or that of your loved ones) is as memorable as possible. Let's get started without further ado!

giant baby plush toy

A stuffed toy

The soft toy is a faithful companion for a baby. It serves him as a comforter, a toy, and accompanies him wherever he is. The soft toy proves to be an ideal birth gift, whether for a little boy or a little girl. In addition, you can choose its size, color and of course the most important, its design.

Why offer a stuffed animal at birth?

The soft toy is a favorite object for a baby, because in addition to being a toy in its own right, it also helps him to fall asleep. Indeed, if the baby sleeps in his own bed, he will not feel alone during the night. If Mom or Dad are away, the plush will always be there to watch over him.

The soft toy also helps the child to wake up and communicate, even if he does not speak yet. Basically, stuffed animals are animal imitations, but over time, manufacturers have taken inspiration from cartoons. You will be spoiled for choice to find the ideal soft toy for your child.

dog stuffed animals

What could be better than offering a soft toy of your favorite dog breed to your child (or that of one of your friends)? The dog plush will remain a must in the world of toys, because it is very easy to attach to it, and you can find it in many different versions: large size, small size, soft hair, etc.

The cuddly bears

The bear was the first animal to be imitated in the plush world. Timeless, these soft toy models are perfect for newborns. They teach them to cuddle and be friendly. But the bear is also a protective animal, its presence in the room brings a certain serenity.

farm animal stuffed animals

In addition to pets and bears, there are also farm animal soft toys. These soft toys are ideal for newborns. In addition, if you offer several to your baby, it will then be much easier to distinguish between the different animals that make up the farm.

Savannah animal stuffed animals

The world is populated by animals of all kinds: there are domestic animals, animals of the countryside and also animals of the savannah. Whether it's a lion plush, an elephant plush, a zebra plush or a giraffe plush , they will accompany your child during these first months.

The other stuffed animals

It is also possible to buy stuffed animals of different kinds such as those bearing the likeness of cartoon characters from films. Even if your baby will not become a movie buff from an early age, you can perfectly offer him a Mickey or Dumbo plush .

In addition, you can also offer giant stuffed animals to your child. He may also feel a certain comfort in the presence of the giant stuffed animal by using it as a pillow.

Early learning toys

Even if your child is only a few days old, it's never too early to think about growing up. Awakening toys are the most suitable to allow him to have a good psychomotor development .

A play mat

During birth, the awakening mat does not seem to be of much use. Some people mistakenly believe that it is useful only when the baby becomes able to sit up. However, the activity mat helps the baby to get his bearings in the house. Its colors attract its attention and you will already have an idea of ​​what it prefers. The use of this accessory is simple when the baby is still an infant. You can place it on the mat to relax. You will see for yourself that he will like it and will gradually take his bearings.

An awakening arch

The activity arch is ideal for awakening all of baby's senses. Even if it will only be used for later, it is still a great gift to help the child develop his intelligence. It mounts easily, and you don't need to be a professional handyman to get there. The colors present and the hanging toys will arouse the baby's curiosity. Attracted, he will gradually apprehend the toy. At first, he will start with an observation stage, but very quickly, he will move forward and will not be able to do without it.

An awakening book

The awakening book can be offered from birth. As with all developmental toys, it attracts the attention of the newborn with beautiful colors. However, it is categorized according to the age of the baby. Some books have been created for newborns and others are suitable for older children.

You can ask the seller for advice if you can't decide. He will explain to you how this accessory works. Fill in the baby's age and he will be able to recommend a suitable activity book.

giant baby plush

gifts for parents

When a child comes into the world, the majority of gifts given to him are toys. But there are also gifts dedicated to parents. These are often accessories that make their life easier and help baby feel comfortable.

A carrying scarf

The portage (or the baby carrier ) attracts many young parents. It allows them to regain the use of their hands while forging a bond with baby. The carrying fabric allows the child to stick to one of his parents: a dependency between adult and child is created. A sling can be very practical if you plan to travel often with your baby and you do not want to be encumbered by a stroller. You can completely customize the style and color of your wrap.


Baby clothes are never too much. It is always better to have a surplus than not to have enough. If you don't know what to give new parents, give them clothes to complete their baby's wardrobe .

However, it is preferable to be accompanied by one of the parents. This avoids having duplicates. He can also guide you on his style preferences. But you can also surprise him. Even if the garment is a duplicate, a baby soils a lot of clothes.

A diaper bag

The diaper bag is an essential accessory for parents. It contains everything a baby will need for a quick little toilet. All baby equipment can be stored there. It is better to put some baby accessories such as: his spoon, his wipes, his brush , etc. Don't worry about space, because the diaper bag comes in several sizes. You also have the possibility of personalizing it with colors that suit you.

A feet and hands box

The foot and hand box is an accessory that marks the arrival of your baby. It is useful for keeping the palm and foot prints of newborns. It's a way to celebrate the birth of your child with originality. This accessory is customizable. You can choose the style and design that suits you.

A night light

When your child is still very young, it is always better to put some light in his room. Some say it is useful for chasing away evil spirits and bad luck. But in reality, the light is useful for monitoring your baby from time to time during the night. A night light is therefore the best suitable accessory for this. It is neither too bright nor too dark. You can go to a specialty store and customize your night light. You can give it any shape you want.

A chewable object

In general, babies like to chew, it allows them to develop their teeth well. Also, when the first teeth appear, the baby begins to bite harder. With a chewable object, he will relieve himself of all his worries. You can opt for a pacifier or a teether . But be sure to ensure your baby's safety. Ask a pharmacy for advice on what the chewable object should be made of.

small dishes

The baby's diet must be adapted so that he is in good health. But as a young parent, it is quite difficult to make the right choice (taking into account the fact that the baby only feeds on milk during the first 6 months). However, you can get a head start by offering prepared meals suitable for newborns, such as compote, mashed potatoes, yogurts , etc.


This is the element that will be sorely lacking in young parents. If you really want to make them happy, give them a little of yours. You can take care of the baby while Mom and Dad are relaxing. You can offer to help with certain tasks in the house by doing the cleaning or the meal. Even a moment of beauty also makes parents feel at ease. Offer them a complete make-up or a moment of relaxation in beauty salons or other establishments of this kind. If you have knowledge in the field, do it yourself.

baby's future

As a human being, it is necessary to ensure a good future for one's offspring. It is the greatest gift that parents and a baby can receive.

A savings

Savings can give your child some financial stability when they grow up. He can continue his studies or build up capital later. To dedicate savings to your child, you will need to make an appointment with a bank to set up a savings account . The banker will give you all the necessary information to open your account without difficulty. You should know that the higher the contribution, the more the amount received by baby is substantial. But the interest rate will also define the amount he will receive.

good insurance

Insurance is a capital investment that guarantees the security of your child. This can be life insurance , home insurance, or auto insurance. Check with an insurance company for more details.

giant plush

As you have seen, you will have a multitude of choices to choose your birth gift, whether for your own child or that of someone else. As young parents, you have obligations to respect. Some people prefer to offer material goods (stuffed animals, toys, food), others prefer to ensure their future by opening a savings account or taking out insurance.

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