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30 Cadeaux de naissance originaux, utiles et irrésistibles !

30 original, useful and irresistible birth gifts!

Finding the perfect birth gift is a real headache. But La Pelucherie comes to your rescue with an epic selection of gifts to celebrate the arrival of a baby.

Whether it's the timeless classics or the most original ideas, we have everything planned to help you find the best gift for the newest member of your tribe!

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Classic Birth Gifts

Let's start with a selection of the best classic and traditional birth gifts, those that always have an effect. Timeless ideas with guaranteed success to celebrate the arrival of a baby:

1. A cuddly toy or cuddly toy from birth

Who can resist the call of a soft birth comforter ? These soft toys are a real tradition of birth gifts!

Whether for a girl or a boy , the comforter is the newborn's first friend, a reassuring companion with whom he feels safe and falls asleep more easily.

For a beautiful birth gift , opt for a high quality, soft and hypoallergenic plush.

Hand-sewn stuffed animals, birth gift, La Pelucherie

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2. Baby clothes

Giving baby clothes as a birth gift never fails to make new parents crack . These little outfits are not only irresistibly cute, but also incredibly useful. 

Every little bodysuit, every onesie, will be used, washed, worn, again and again. Always choose slightly larger clothes, babies grow so fast!

La Pelucherie's Birth Box : 1 cuddly toy + 1 bodysuit + 1 swaddle + 1 wooden rattle!

3. Baby items

Giving childcare items as a birth gift means equipping new parents with a complete arsenal to make their lives a little easier and, above all, much better organized. Who could say no to that?

Bottles to quench baby's thirst, shields of tranquility teats , teething rings to rescue pierced gums, a diaper bin ... you're spoiled for choice!

4. A night light

Imagine a soft light that reassures baby and prevents parents from tripping at night.

The night light is a sweet, thoughtful and practical gift that will be enjoyed daily. And again, you'll be spoiled for choice . The most modern are true multitaskers, with built-in lullabies, star projections, and even cry sensors.

5. An activity mat

The awakening mat is a great classic of birth gifts . Much more than a comfortable rug, you are offering your new little nephew or new little goddaughter a world of discoveries and adventures!

A two-sided gift : while baby is having fun, parents enjoy a well-deserved moment of respite.

6. Early learning games and books

Early learning games and books are essential. Ask any parent: you can never have enough!

The advantage is that there are so many, and new ones every week, that you can always find an original and unique gift in this category.

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7. A cute diaper bag

A chic and practical diaper bag, it's the ideal birth gift for active parents.

There are diaper bags so stylish and well-designed that they can easily pass for a classic purse or backpack.

8. A baby wrap

Still little known in France a few years ago, the sling is now one of the most popular birth gifts . Designed to keep baby close to you while freeing parents' hands, it is the perfect combination of functionality and hugs.

Choose a soft, washable, and resistant fabric . Also make sure the sling is adjustable as the baby grows!

9. A maternity pillow

The maternity pillow is a long, flexible pillow , designed to provide support to the body during pregnancy, then breastfeeding and beyond. And as if that weren't enough, it can also be used as a cozy nest to help baby sit up or simply relax.

In short, a versatile gift designed for the well-being of mum and baby.

10. A gift card

The gift card remains one of the most popular birth gifts for parents! Simple, convenient and flexible, it's a smart solution that gives parents the freedom to choose exactly what they need, when they need it.

La Pelucherie Gift Card, Birth Gift

Offer A Gift Card from La Pelucherie For A Value of 35€, 75€, 150€ or more!

Original and unique birth gifts

If you're not the classic type, think outside the box and surprise new parents with this inspiring selection of original birth gift ideas:

11. An impression casting kit

What better way to immortalize the first days of baby's life than a footprint molding kit? It's a birth gift that captures time and creates a real memory. Plus, it's a fun and moving activity for parents.

When choosing a kit, make sure it is non-toxic and safe for baby's delicate skin.

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12. A giant stuffed animal!

This is a unique, original gift that will cause a sensation every time! It's the kind of present that transforms an ordinary child's room into a magical place.

With a giant plush, you're giving more than just a ball of's a friend for life . Whether it's a giant bear , a majestic giraffe , or a mischievous panther , it will be baby's first playmate, confidant, and even hero.

It is a gift that grows with the child and adapts to his constantly changing world. A memorable and warm way to say "Welcome" to a new little one.

Hand-sewn giant stuffed animals, birth gifts, La Pelucherie

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13. A Birth Tree

A birth tree is a unique and deeply symbolic gift. Planting a tree on the occasion of the birth of a child represents hope, growth and the continuity of life.

This gift, rooted in nature, is also a great way to raise environmental awareness and instill ecological values ​​from an early age.

The tree, over time, can become a place of play and daydreaming , a constant presence in a child's life, and a source of precious memories.

14. A dabbing first times poster

To celebrate milestones in a newborn's life, what could be more memorable than a dabbing first times poster? This unique baby shower gift allows parents to track important milestones in their baby's growth and development.

You will find ready-to-use posters on the market, but you can also make one yourself !

15. A birth photographer

For another gift idea that leaves a mark : offer the services of a professional birth photographer. Imagine: artistic, sweet and moving photos that immortalize the baby's first days of life, the gleam of love in the parents' eyes, these first family moments... What an invaluable treasure!

16. A mop onesie!

A hilarious gift but, let's face it, very practical! The mop onesie is a unique and playful garment that incorporates pieces of absorbent fabric at the knees, feet, and baby's bottom. Thus, when he moves on all fours, he participates in the household chores of the house...

17. A baby box

For a birth gift that lasts , a baby box subscription is perfect! There is a wide variety and boxes can include clothes, toys, toiletries, books and more. Each month, parents will receive a new gift filled with baby surprises.

18. Home meal deliveries

Offer welcome relief to new parents with meal deliveries specially designed for toddlers. It's a practical and thoughtful gift that eases the burden of meal preparation, allowing parents to spend more time enjoying their baby.

Several companies offer these services in France, including Little Gustave and Comme des Papas. 

19. Time

Your time is probably one of the best gifts you can give when a child is born. This is what young parents will sorely miss.

Offer “vouchers for a moment of relaxation” during which you will take care of the baby. A safe bet and an excellent way to connect with the baby!

20. A Savings

Savings are becoming an increasingly common birth gift. This makes it possible to participate in the future financial stability of the child, in the financing of his studies , or why of his future trips and adventures.

Personalized birth gifts

Personalized birth gifts go beyond the object itself, they tell a story and show special attention, deep thought .

We think for example of objects engraved with the name of the baby , adorned with his date of birth, or even designed specifically according to his personality or your relationship.

Here are some of our best personalized baby shower gift ideas:

21. A personalized stuffed animal

If the plush is a rather classic birth gift, a personalized plush is a more original version. 

At La Pelucherie , we suggest you have the baby's name, date of birth or any other significant detail embroidered.

You can also have a custom plush toy made , for example in the likeness of the family pet .

Personalized plush, hand-sewn plush, personalized gifts, La Pelucherie

22. A life-size baby drawing

Receiving a life-size baby drawing as a birth gift is a magical and moving experience . This gift captures the unique features of the newborn and turns them into a timeless work of art . Made with care and attention by a talented artist, it is also a manifestation of your love for the family and the newborn.

23. Personalized Books

Personalized books for babies and children are all the rage right now, enjoy! Unique and original , they feature the baby as the main character, integrating their name, appearance and even those around them into the story.

24. A health book cover

Another personalized gift idea to offer from birth is the health book cover. It's an elegant and special way to cover baby's precious health record and give a personal touch to this functional object that will accompany him for many years. Many companies offer to personalize health book covers, but you can also do it yourself by following this tutorial !

25. A baby name embroidered blanket

Finally, choosing a cute blanket and having it embroidered with the baby's name is another great idea. We stay in the classic, but with a personal and original touch that will make it a unique gift.

Gifts for Mom!

And we don't forget the mom! The arrival of a newborn is a magical moment for her, but it is also an exhausting and overwhelming moment. So, a birth gift to the mother allows us to show her our support and our love. Here are some good ideas:

26. A massage or SPA treatment

The first gift for the mother that we think of after a birth is obviously the massage or the spa treatment.

After carrying and giving birth to a baby, she deserves a moment of relaxation and reconnection with herself. So don't hesitate, offer him a break of calm and tranquility in the whirlwind of his new life! We don't know any mom who wouldn't like it...

27. A mother-baby activity

Mother-baby activities are an extraordinary birth gift that allow the mother to create strong and precious bonds with her newborn, outside of the daily routine at home.

There are many mother-baby activities to offer: baby swimming lessons, mother-baby yoga sessions , music workshops for babies, playgroups, baby massage sessions... Choose the one that suits you. the best to the happy mom!

28. A personalized jewel

A personalized jewel, a necklace, a bracelet or a pendant, engraved with the baby's name or date of birth, is also a great idea. It is a symbol of the eternal bond that unites the mother and her baby. A precious gift that will become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation!

29. A postpartum kit

A little less glamorous, but really useful gift: the postpartum kit! These pre-made kits usually include products to help mums recover from the ordeal of childbirth (breast pads, soothing compresses, comfortable underwear, nipple creams, post massage oils, etc.) -partum, calming herbal teas, etc.). With this kind of gift, you show the mom that you support her and care about her well-being !

30. A Flower Delivery

Finally, having pretty flowers delivered is a delicate and thoughtful birth gift for unfamiliar mothers . A classic but charming and effective way to congratulate the new mother !

And you, what are your best birthday gifts? And the worst...  

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