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Decorative ideas for a sea & ocean baby room!

The sea and ocean decoration for the baby's room creates a real haven of peace and tranquility . This sleek style that evokes the gentle lapping of the waves and the song of the seagulls is perfect for stimulating baby's imagination while ensuring a restful sleep.

Suitable for both girls and boys , the sea and ocean decor is a great classic for children's rooms that we are revisiting today for you.

Here is the sea and ocean decoration guide , signed La Pelucherie!

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How to create a sea and ocean decor?

Decorating the baby's room in a marine style cannot be improvised! If you're here, you're craving more than a wobbly picture of beach camping and old seashells from your childhood.

So how to create an atmosphere, a marine atmosphere in which baby will grow? Before diving into our list of creative ideas, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

The color palette for a seaside decor

Start by choosing a color palette that evokes the sea and the ocean. The harmony of colors is fundamental in decoration.

  • Sky blue and turquoise blue are cheerful hues reminiscent of tropical waters. It's perfect for a wall or some big furniture like the crib or wardrobe.
  • The white evokes the foam of the waves and the clouds floating in the sky. As it is a neutral color, it can be used as desired for ceilings, walls, or woodwork for example.
  • Beige recalls the warmth of sand. It is the ideal color for rugs or accessories for a marine decor, such as storage baskets or some small furniture.
  • The soft gray is reminiscent of the pebbles on the beach. It is a color that goes very well with the previous ones and allows you to vary the palette.

When decorating a nursery, it's important to balance bright colors and soft colors to create a space that is both stimulating and calming. Too many bright colors can be energizing, while too many muted colors can lack visual stimulation.

Marine motifs, of course!

The sea and ocean theme has the advantage of offering a multitude of patterns suitable for decorating a baby's room.

Playing with the patterns in the decoration stimulates baby's sensory development. Starfish, shells, fish, boats, crabs , octopuses, corals, buoys, sails, waves, seagulls, even mermaids, treasures and pirates : all this adds a playful and harmonious touch to the room.

These patterns can be used on walls (wallpaper), curtains, sheets, carpets, cushions, but also on essential or decorative objects such as lamps, photo frames, etc.

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Ocean materials

The different materials and textures used to decorate the nursery can also enhance the mood.

To create an authentic marine vibe, use a variety of natural materials that evoke the coastline such as fishing nets, driftwood, rattan, or jute rope.

However, avoid overloading the decoration too much , the goal being to create a stimulating but also soothing space for baby.

For furniture, wood is ideal . Natural wood or white wood will imitate driftwood.

sea ​​animal stuffed animals

Obviously, stuffed animals are essential in the decoration of a child's room. They are also a simple and charming way to reinforce the sea and ocean theme in the nursery!

At La Pelucherie, we offer you many sea animal stuffed animals to bring your sea and ocean decor to life. Stunningly realistic and of exceptional quality, theseal Arsène , thetortoise Rosalie , the hippopotamus Edgar , the dolphin Auguste , and the crocodile Balthazar are waiting for you!

Dolphin soft toy, sea theme decoration, La Pelucherie

The Auguste Dolphin Plush can measure from 40 to 130 cm!

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Nautical and underwater decorations

Pictures of the sea, sea animals, boats or nautical charts can be framed and hung on the walls.

You can also opt for wall stickers with sea creatures to introduce baby to the wonders of the seabed. 

Soft light like at the beach

Finally, light plays an important role in creating the soothing atmosphere of a sea and ocean baby room.

Opt for soft, dim lamps that mimic sunlight reflecting off water. A night light in the shape of a starfish or a shell can nicely complete the decor.

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30 decorative ideas for a sea and ocean theme baby room

Now that the basics are laid, that you have mastered the colors, patterns, and general atmosphere, here is a list of 30 super original ideas for a successful sea and ocean baby room decor !

  1. Vintage nautical charts on the wall.
  2. Shell-shaped drawer pulls.
  3. A mobile with stuffed sea animals above the cradle.
  4. A lamp in the shape of a lighthouse.
  5. Boat-shaped wall shelves.
  6. Curtains with wave patterns.
  7. A carpet that evokes the sand of the beach.
  8. A pouf in the shape of a whale.
  9. Rattan storage baskets to evoke beach baskets.
  10. A large shell-shaped cushion on the floor for a reading corner.
  11. Illustrations of sea legends like mermaids and treasures.
  12. A light garland with seashells.
  13. A play corner with a tent in the shape of a beach cabin.
  14. Glass jars filled with sand and shells as decoration.
  15. A night light in the shape of a starfish or a dolphin.
  16. Sheets and blankets with fish motifs.
  17. A mirror framed in driftwood.
  18. A coat rack in the shape of an anchor.
  19. An accent wall with wallpaper representing the seabed.
  20. Framed photos of marine animals.
  21. A music box with the sounds of the ocean.
  22. A fishing net on the wall to display photos or drawings.
  23. A rope ladder to hang towels.
  24. A table lamp with a coral-shaped base.
  25. A wooden storage chest that looks like pirate treasure.
  26. A canvas with a poem or a quote about the sea.
  27. Books about the sea and sea creatures.
  28. Fish-shaped hangers for hanging clothes.
  29. A wave-shaped wall shelf.
  30. An aquarium with tropical fish.

And you ? What are your decorative ideas for a marine theme? What decoration have you chosen for your baby's room?

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