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Quand envoyer un faire-part de naissance ?

When to send a birth announcement?

Your family will soon grow with the arrival of your baby, but you can't find the right moment to announce the happy event to your friends and loved ones?

It is true that many find it difficult to manage the stress that comes with all the preparations related to the birth of the baby. Among the problems that parents frequently encounter is that of birth announcements. Indeed, parents often have trouble finding the right time to prepare them and send them to those around them.

In this article, we show you exactly how to do it, and when to send your birth announcement to family and friends.

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When should a birth announcement be sent?

While the idea of ​​sending out a birth announcement is certainly fun, many don't know when to recognize the right time to do so. Indeed, even the most optimistic parents know that miscarriages are far more common than you might think. For this reason, sending the birth announcement prematurely is not necessarily a good idea. On the other hand, waiting too long before sending it can also cause problems, as some people around you might take it badly.

In principle, the birth announcement is sent when the baby is born, and never before. However, nothing prevents you from preparing it before its birth. Moreover, it is even recommended, especially for the mother, who will find a way to take care of it during the last weeks of pregnancy. Also, once she gives birth, she will barely have enough energy to care for her new baby. It is therefore out of the question that she takes care of this kind of preparations.

Preparing the birth announcement before the big day has other advantages. Indeed, since there is no rush, parents can take the time to optimize the design of the announcement and think carefully about its content. Moreover, even if it may seem easy, finding the right words to express the joy we feel is a task that turns out to be quite delicate.

The elements that the birth announcement must absolutely include

It goes without saying that you and your partner are not the only ones awaiting the arrival of your child. All your family members and close friends must also be looking forward to the happy event and they will probably want to know everything about the newborn. For this reason, your birth announcement should include:

  • Baby's full name
  • The names of both parents
  • Date and time of birth
  • Birthplace
  • Baby's height and weight

Baby's pictures

Everyone who receives your birth announcement will certainly be delighted to find photos of the newborn. The presence of a photo can save you from writing several long paragraphs, which your child will be able to communicate with nothing but a small smile. Once you have chosen the most beautiful photo of the baby, you will have no trouble accompanying it with a short paragraph.

A format compatible with the family spirit

Since you are going to send the birth announcement to people around your family, it is important that its format is compatible with your family spirit. It is important that the announcement reflects the character of your family. In total, there are three main types of formats, which you can choose from:

The conventional format (classic)

If you and your partner are the low-key type. If you're not too keen on being in the spotlight at any occasion, we suggest going with the traditional format. Be careful, this does not mean that your birth announcement will be boring. You will have a wide choice and your creativity can help you create an original birth announcement. You can choose between several types of paper and decide on the size and shape of the announcement. So take the time to make up your mind and always go for what you like the most.

The digital format for sending online

Parents of the millennial generation will have no trouble announcing the birth of their babies online. To do this, they can simply send an announcement in digital format. It is possible to use a variety of programs and other online tools. These are designed to create all kinds of cards (visit, event, flyer, announcement, etc.). Although you can buy professional software and get the best results, you can always consider the free alternatives, which are still effective for creating a great birth announcement.

Another advantage of the digital announcement is the fact that it does not require paper. It is therefore more eco-responsible to opt for this format. By sending your birth announcement on the Internet, you participate in the protection of the flora and the limitation of the emission of CO² in the atmosphere. That said, if you plan to adopt this format, it is important to note that the preparation process may take a little longer, as you will have to learn how to use a few programs.

So remember to start preparing your digital announcement in advance. In addition, you must take into consideration the elderly in your family, who may not have a computer or a smartphone. In this case, the ideal would be to transmit them through a younger person.

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The original size

Are you the type who always wants to stand out? Do you abhor normalcy and don't like following trends? Opt for an original format that reflects your personality and highlights your creativity. So, instead of turning to pre-printed announcements, create your own by drawing inspiration from the themes that fascinate you the most.

For example, you can create a themed announcement of the season your baby was born. If he was born in winter, use an image decorated with garlands, with snowmen, fir trees, sleighs, etc. If he was born in the summer, go for a nice beach image with bright sun, inflatable mattresses, etc. You can also base the theme of the announcement on the baby's astrological sign.

Careful writing

The best thing about the birth announcement is that you can write it however you want. Thus, you have the possibility to opt for a simple and conventional style, or to adopt a more fun and surprising style. You are spoiled for choice. In this part, we invite you to explore some ideas of approach as well as examples from which you can draw inspiration.

Note that the alternatives are nearly endless, as they are only limited by your imagination. Do not hesitate to give free rein to your creativity. However, we advise you to ensure that your birth announcement reflects your family spirit, for more authenticity. Since we can't tell if you're going to have a boy or a girl, we've decided to include both genders in our examples.

Here are some ideas that may interest you:

If, after trying to write a good birth announcement, you feel that you are still missing something, consider trying the tips we present to you here. These are specially designed to help you get a high quality birth announcement that remains authentic.

How to present the names of the parents on the birth announcement?

For a formal birth announcement, which you intend to send to your colleagues and superiors, for example, we advise you to include the full names of both parents, in front of which it is imperative to place their respective titles. However, the announcement dedicated to loved ones does not need to be so formal and it is enough to write the first names of the parents. You can even use nicknames, if they are commonly used around you.

How to write the date of birth on the birth announcement?

In France, the date of birth is written like this: DD/MM/YY. Some countries or other French-speaking regions adopt the American format, which is written as follows: MM/DD/YY. Whichever format you choose, we recommend adding the day of birth.

Even close family members may end up forgetting whether your child was born on a Thursday or a Friday. It would therefore be practical to always have this information available. You can also opt for more originality, by writing the date in full. In this case, it is better to write only the first letters of the day and the month in capital letters. For example, "Amelie was born on Thursday, the tenth of May in the year two thousand and twenty-one".

How to include the time on the birth announcement?

Contrary to what you may think, in a classic birth announcement, the time of birth must be written in full. Of course, nothing prevents you from writing it in figures, if you prefer. In this case, remember to separate the hours from the minutes using dots or slashes. You can also add notes about the weather that day.

The best presentation of personal information on the birth announcement

Instead of placing your phone numbers randomly, instead separate them into pairs of blocks to make them more visible. As for your address, it is best to include it on a single line, separating its different parts with commas. If you prefer to include each part of your address on an individual line, you are no longer required to use commas. Note that no comma is required between the country name and the postal code.

Write a birth announcement in the first or third person

The conventional birth announcement is written in the third person. In this case, it is the parents who announce the arrival of the baby. For example: “Henri and Martine are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Justine”.

In a more friendly and familiar context, you can write the birth announcement in the first person plural. For example: “We are happy to announce the birth of our daughter Justine”. It is even possible to make the baby speak itself, using the first person singular. Besides the crazy side of the thing, this alternative can help you express yourself better and communicate your emotions much more easily.

How to include the baby's height and weight in the birth announcement?

In France, the kilogram is used to measure the weight of babies. It is possible to write your newborn's weight in numbers. For example: 4.5 kg. Don't forget to add the space between the number and the “kg”. When it comes to size, it's best to measure in centimeters, rather than meters, for obvious reasons. Height is written in the same way as weight, with “cm” instead of “kg”.

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As we've discussed in this article, you can send your child's birth announcement right after the birth, or even sometime before that when the baby's arrival is imminent. There really isn't a rule that you absolutely have to follow in this regard. The main thing is to prepare an announcement that you like and that looks like you. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from our suggestions to create your own.

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