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How to wrap a stuffed animal?

Are you planning to offer a soft toy to your child or a friend, and you want to wrap it in the best possible way? You have no idea how to proceed? In this article, you will find the different methods that exist to properly pack a stuffed animal.

Why give a plush?

The plush is a toy that can be given to a child of any age, and even to an adult! Soft toys are very often in the likeness of animals or cartoon characters. The first animal to be imitated in stuffed animals was the brown bear , then gradually manufacturers opted for models imitating other animal species.

There are several reasons why you might want to give a stuffed animal as a gift. This toy embodies both: companionship, love and tenderness.

A soft toy for a birth

The soft toy is the ideal gift to celebrate the birth of a newborn. The baby can use it as a companion or even as a cuddly toy. The plush is also one of the most popular birth gifts .

A stuffed animal for a birthday

There is no age to be offered a stuffed animal! It remains an iconic object, which will endure over time no matter what. However, you must know the tastes and preferences of the person to whom you want to offer it. For example, if this person likes animals of the savannah and giant stuffed animals , you can perfectly offer him a giant giraffe stuffed animal !

Stuffed animal for Valentine's Day

The soft toy is a great gift idea to delight your loved one. What could be better than offering a cute stuffed animal for Valentine's Day? In addition, nothing will prevent you from choosing an exotic plush for the occasion!

plush gift wrap

What materials should be used to wrap a plush?

Before you can properly wrap your stuffed animal, you will need several materials. The most used ones depend on the size of your gift. But in general, you will still need:

  • Scotch tape;
  • A pair of scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Ribbons
  • wrapping paper

Traditional packaging

Tissue paper has been used in packaging for a very long time. It remains timeless and always gives splendor to the packed plush. However, multiple layers are required, as the tissue paper is quite thin. The ideal would be to pack the stuffed animal vertically and tie everything like a candy box. You can also opt for a firecracker shape by wrapping the plush horizontally.

The fabric

Fabric is an easy-to-use material. In addition, it is very easy to customize it. You will find it in several stores with different designs. However, it is preferable to know how to sew to use this material. You have the possibility to adopt several styles and add small accessories to your packaging.

Even if you are not a sewing expert, it is quite possible to use it for your packaging, because the fabric does not necessarily need to be sewn. Just buy custom fabric pieces and tie it all together with ribbon or yarn.

You also have the possibility of going to a tailor in order to have a tailor-made and original fabric. He will take care of making your fabric as unique as possible, which will ensure a unique packaging . He can also advise you on the style of fabric to buy as well as the size you want depending on the plush you want to pack.

Other materials

Although they are rigid materials, aluminum foil, brown paper and wax paper can be used perfectly as packaging. All you have to do is bring a box and cover it with one of these papers. All you have to do is awaken the artist in you by personalizing the packaging in your own way.

For these materials, the size of the plush can be an issue, as it won't necessarily fit in your chosen box.

How to make a pouch with wrapping paper?

The wrapping paper pouch allows you to wrap any size plushie. In addition, this method is far from complicated, a child can easily perform it by following these steps:


The first step is to cut a wrapping paper so that it is twice the size of your stuffed animal. Put the toy in the center of the paper to find out what size to get. Then you can cut the desired width and length.

In order to have a perfect cut, use a ruler and a pencil to draw the line to be cut. Do not use markers or pens, as they are difficult to erase.


Fold both sides of the wrapping paper over and make sure the stuffed animal does not move. Make sure the two ends touch in the middle, otherwise you won't be able to tape them together. Do not connect the top and bottom, so the toy can fit into your pouch.


Finally, you must close one end of the pocket. To do this, just bend it so that you get a rhombus. You can use a ruler to be more precise. Close your packaging with tape and place the stuffed animal inside. Just close the top with a ribbon or tape and your pouch is complete.

The tape can be replaced by glue. But you have to be careful, because once dry, the glue will damage your wrapping paper. If you make a mistake, you will be forced to buy a new one and start packing again from scratch.

pack a stuffed animal

How to use other materials?

Wrapping paper isn't the only material you can use to wrap a stuffed animal. You can choose other papers which are a bit unusual and original. You can also be creative and use gift boxes that close others like Russian dolls.

A box

Find a box that is the same size as your stuffed animal. Make sure the toy fits in and the box closes properly. Next, tape the box closed and add decorations, such as sequins , designs, etc. Don't forget to add the traditional gift knot.

A tablecloth

The tablecloth is more suitable for a giant plush. It offers the possibility of creating a kind of giant candy box . To achieve this, you will only have to place the plush in the center of the tablecloth. After, take the four ends and tie them with a rope or fabric ribbon. The tablecloth can be customized as you wish. You can also use a curtain or a sheet to make this original packaging.

Cloth or paper

The concept is to wrap the plush in gift wrap, satin, silk or whatever material you want. Roll the toy on itself and make sure to have a big sausage. It only remains to tie the two ends and you will obtain a truly original and quirky packaging.


Cellophane can be used in several different ways to wrap your stuffed animal. Very easy to handle, it can take any shape and is easily stretchable . However, it is necessary to find some with color so as not to see the interior and thus keep the surprise effect. This allows you to avoid revealing the gift in advance.

Where can I find plush gift wrap?

You can find stuffed animal gift wrap at any home decor store . However, if you choose specific materials, you will have to go to a specialized shop. Otherwise, you can perfectly order these same materials on the Internet.

The price, meanwhile, will vary depending on the quality of the packaging and its style. Some are very expensive and some are affordable. There is something for every budget and every taste.

How to send the plush by email?

Sometimes it happens that you are not able to deliver the gift yourself. The person you want to give the plush to may live far away from you. Fortunately, there are delivery services that will allow you to send it by email to any location. But before you can take advantage of this service, it is best to wrap your gift well.

Find the right delivery service

Before you start packing, you need to find the right packing service. There are several specialists in this field, but their prices are not the same. To optimize your expenses, you will need to do a little comparison before you decide. Moreover, some companies offer to pack your package for you .

Toy packaging

Once you have found the right shipping service, now is the time to secure your plush. If it is new, do not remove the packaging that the seller has made. Save it, because it could be useful for later. If the stuffed animal is second-hand, put it in a bag before wrapping it with gift paper.

After wrapping, add a more protective layer. You have the option of using a cardboard box or another stronger material. Close it properly with adhesive, and don't forget to add polystyrene or bubble wrap to absorb shocks.

How much does it cost to ship a stuffed animal overseas?

The cost of shipping will depend on the service provider. Each of them has its own fee schedules. But the quality of service will inevitably not be the same. You can compare the different rates, referring to the prices in relation to the delivery time.

The distance to be traveled also plays an important role in determining the price. The longer it is, the higher the amount will be. Sending a toy to Europe will cost less than sending a toy to America or Africa.

The size and weight of your package also define the price of the shipment. The bigger and heavier the plush, the more the price will increase. This standard is applied for any type of goods.

Will my package be insured?

If you're worried about your stuffed animal, find a shipper that offers a delivery guarantee. In case of loss or damage, the company will refund your stuffed animal and shipping costs. Some of them will even offer you free delivery for a future shipment.

plush packaging

As you will have understood, there is absolutely nothing rocket science about wrapping a stuffed animal. Choose the material or materials that suit you, apply the different techniques listed above, customize the packaging as you wish, and you're done! As mentioned above, if you want to send your stuffed animal to someone, always ensure that your packaging is well padded to avoid damage.

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