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115,000+ satisfied customers since 1976

115,000+ satisfied customers since 1976 👉 All our stuffed animals

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MAISON & OBJET, nous voilà !

MAISON & OBJET, here we come!

La Pelucherie enters the big leagues! We participate in one of the most prestigious trade fairs in the world of home, decoration, design and trends! Ever since we relaunched La Pelucherie, we've been dreaming about it! So this year, we said to ourselves: banco! And we are really more than proud to present our collection alongside the biggest brands!

We still have a lot of things to manage: the catalog, the scenography, the selection of stuffed animals, the store appointments! We no longer know where to turn! Moreover, if you are a shop and you read us and especially that you like us... Let us know!

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