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5 reasons to have a stuffed animal in times of crisis

In lack of tenderness? Bored? Don't worry… You are no longer alone! But since it's essential to stay with us right now, we've put together a great guide for you to feel loved and surrounded at home! Our favorite remedy: our friends the stuffed animals...

The plush, an object necessary for your serenity

The plush is above all a psychological anchor that answers our greatest fears… And even the experts say so! Snuggling up against your cuddly toy alleviates our fears... Suffice to say that the plush is our great ally at the moment, for young and old alike!

When we know that in China, a survey revealed that out of 52,000 people, 35% suffered from "moderate psychological stress" due to their quarantine, we are not really reassured... But don't panic! More than ever, your plush is there to do you GOOD. In such lovely company, there's no need to flex your jaw or turn on the TV: your soft-haired friend is effortlessly available, right where you are, to keep you company unconditionally.

Woman holding My bear comforter Jules

Plush, the best remedy for insomnia

In times of crisis, it is not uncommon to struggle to get to sleep... But not being able to sleep is not inevitable! Especially when your favorite teddy soothes you and accompanies you in all your sleeps...

And for the nap fans who pass by, we have a mini tip just for you... Small tip - but shhhhh don't say it too loudly or we might want to steal your lifelong friend: the plush is the best of cushions, all cozy and warm like your favorite pillow!

Woman shh soft toy

With the team, we have a soft spot for the bidou of Mon our Lucien and the welcoming curves of Mon phoque Arsène . You will tell us about it...

Plush, sweeter than sweets?

In this period of isolation, we all press the chocolate level accelerator... And that's quite normal: for psychiatrists, eating is an effective weapon against stress. The problem in all of this is that by immersing ourselves body and soul in our jars of Nutella, it's in our pants that we fit less well... And as it is well known that a hug, it's t is the best of all flavors, at the Pelucherie, we prefer plush minutes to chocolate quarter-hours.

Baby and cuddly toy my dodo bear

Did you know ? Curling up against your favorite stuffed animal contributes to the secretion of oxytocin, a hormone released in the presence of objects or people with whom you have formed a close bond of attachment. The more your brain releases, the more your feeling of calm is intensified. So, we say thank you who?

The plush, a step towards the mini four-legged companion

Confinement is also the time for revelations... For some, we realize that a pet brings the little seed of madness that we all need in times of intense emotions. Only here, this type of decision does not always win unanimity...

If some have always dreamed of little companions in the flesh, the plush is THE solution to melt the hearts of the greatest refractories. No one, not even hearts of stone, can resist the ocean eyes of My husky Leonard and the adorable folds of My dog ​​Hector .

Doudou My husky Léonard

The plush, the decorative must-have for a cocooning atmosphere

If confinement has proven one thing to us, it's that it's essential to feel good at home! And nothing better than a soft toy to bring the little touch of softness you dreamed of for your interior... On its own, it creates that warm atmosphere that we love so much!

Cream like Mon our Jules , navy like Mon dauphin Auguste , pink like Mon rabbit Léon or black like Ma panthère Zélie , it fits into all the color ranges of your beautiful home.

Decoration idea plush My seal Arsène

With your new soft toy, it is certain that you will see life in pink... So don't hesitate any longer and take the plunge!

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