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Pourquoi le doudou est-il indispensable aux enfants ?

Why is the comforter essential for children?

Since you started reading this article - about two seconds - a stuffed animal has already been sold in France. Are you wondering if your baby also needs a cuddly toy? Here are four reasons why the answer to this question is yes.

The comforter, a great antidote against separation

A soft toy is above all a magical object that allows the baby to better live the absence of his parents. Mom has a doctor's appointment? Did dad go to the pop-up at La Pelucherie? With his cuddly toy, your baby will gradually be able to cope with all these everyday situations!

“Transitional object” for psychologists, the cuddly toy helps to better live the distance. As he witnesses the scenes experienced with mom and dad, he always reminds your child of the good memories you have experienced as a family. The plush is a full member of your little cocoon! It is not for nothing that 63% of parents declare that the comforter is vital for the well-being of the whole family and that 33% announce that the fateful stage of falling asleep would be very difficult to carry out without the help. precious of these cuddly friends... But then, which cuddly toy to choose to make your little one's eyes shine?

Baby holding his cuddly toy My bear Jules

A chubby plush like Mon our Jules is the guarantee of finding reassuring arms in which to snuggle up and be cuddled! Handmade according to European Union safety standards, it offers tenderness to infants and serenity to their parents.

The plush is reminiscent of the scent of the house

One of the comforter's superpowers is, of course, its smell! The plush is the great guardian of the house's olfactory cues. And when your baby wants to take him outside, don't panic! It is simply a question of keeping with him the smells that protect him.

Baby and cuddly toy My dog ​​Hector

But when his faithful companion becomes dirty, he may not quite agree to you washing him... He will then lose the scent that swells his child's heart with love! When you are faced with this perilous situation, it is better to warn him before the upcoming wash, so that he does not blame you at the time of the big reunion with his favorite cuddly toy.

So that your baby's cuddly toy does not lose its softness and cause your little one great grief, you can discover the 4 golden rules for washing your cuddly toy .

The cuddly toy participates in the awakening of children

The comforter is also a great tool to stimulate your baby's creativity. With his plush, he becomes the hero of his own stories! Indeed, he creates new imaginary spaces and writes his own beautiful stories. Your child's cuddly toy is also his favorite toy and his privileged partner to live his first adventures!

With a little teammate that he can take with him everywhere, like My mouse Lucie or My dog ​​Hector , he sets off to discover the world with his favorite playmate! Easy to grab by the ear or the leg, it slips easily into little hands and can be snuck out to reassure baby.

Baby and his cuddly toy My mouse Lucie

If your baby is fond of exotic adventures, there is no doubt that he will find his happiness with our reckless soft toys with a soft heart like My crocodile Balthazar or My tiger Caesar . With his lifelong friends, it is the doors of distant lands that open to his world of wonders.

The cuddly toy, your baby's life companion!

The comforter is also the ideal intermediary to guide your baby in his independent construction.

And it begins with the designation of his great and tender friend: the choice of a life companion is first and foremost an emotional event! It is your baby himself who creates a bond of attachment with his favorite stuffed animal.

And sometimes, no favorite for baby, since some like to be surrounded by a real colony of stuffed animals! A small community of friends who follow them for a long time, and guarantee unparalleled twists in their craziest stories. There is no doubt that if your baby likes incredible stories, he will be delighted by our large tribes of stuffed animals, like that of My turtle Rosalie . They will for sure become his best characters!

Baby kissing his cuddly toy my turtle Rosalie

There is therefore no written law in the choice of your baby, let yourself be guided by the magic of the comforter!

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