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Qu’est-ce qu’une peluche d’activité ?

What is an activity plush?

Do you only have a vague idea of ​​what activity soft toys are and want to know if they can really be beneficial for your child? Then you've come to the right place!

In this article, we're going to teach you all there is to know about activity stuffed animals, outlining their biggest benefits as well as their influence on child development .

At the end of your reading, you will be able to easily choose the perfect activity toy for your child, regardless of age. Let's get started without further delay!

The stuffed animal

Why buy an activity plush for your child?

Did you know that children learn much faster while playing? Well yes: they love exploration, and it allows them to constantly live new enriching experiences. It is this innate aspect of your child that you will need to foster to facilitate his mental development.

As parents, it's perfectly understandable that you want to make your child happy by giving them lots of toys and other gifts . That said, if they are not well chosen, they may not be of any use to him. Indeed, among all the gifts you can give your child, activity soft toys can be particularly beneficial to them, as they help them develop their intellect.

The benefits of the activity plush

By introducing new activities that engage your child's mind and senses, you're helping them develop their cognitive and motor skills . He will also be able to communicate better with the people around him, from an early age.

Also, don't underestimate your child's different abilities. By parental instinct, many avoid instilling too much knowledge in their children. This comes from the fact that they do not wish to rush them in their development.

Unfortunately, even if the intention may seem good, it is totally counterproductive. Indeed, it turns out that children are excellent observers and their learning capacity far exceeds that of adults. This is how overprotective parents end up working against the best interests of their children.

On the other hand, parents who like to push their children to be the best can also disrupt their development. By focusing too much on learning, they forget the fun aspect of the activities essential to the good cognitive development of their children. However, the reality is that it is possible to help your child learn new things simply by playing.

Moreover, the best educational games are not necessarily those full of numbers and letters. We can take the example of activity soft toys that can accompany children from an early age. Thanks to these, children can learn much faster while having fun. They are therefore not likely to become exhausted at the task.

Which activity soft toy should you choose for your child?

It should also be remembered that, unlike some toys, activity stuffed animals are intended for children of all ages during infancy: babies, toddlers and young children. Everyone has something to gain by playing with activity toys.

For this reason, parents should invest in purchasing the activity stuffed animals that suit the needs of their children. So, before making your choice, think about your son's and/or your daughter's interests. If they have a favorite cartoon character , you can give them an activity stuffed animal.

The plush will easily find its place alongside their activity toys, such as musical instruments, Legos, puzzles, dress-up dolls, etc. The combination of all these elements will allow you to develop your child's cognitive abilities faster.

La Pelucherie - Newborn Soft Toys

Activity soft toys for child development

As mentioned above, activity toys are extremely important for the mental and physical development of children. Let's discover together which faculties they stimulate and how they actively participate in their proper development.

The role of activity toys in sensory development

From his first months, the baby uses his different senses to collect information about the world around him. Here, the activity soft toys can allow him to discover new textures and teach him to react to sound, as well as to movement.

Activity stuffed animals can also help children learn to discern colors and their different shades. During this phase, babies respond primarily to touch. It is therefore necessary to place the stuffed animals in their hands and let them play with them. That said, after a few months, when they've developed their senses more, they'll be able to better interact with the stuffed animal .

The role of activity fluff in emotional development

Children begin to develop their emotions from their earliest days. Sometimes they can even feel stressed. This feeling can be amplified because they still have trouble understanding the world around them. When they feel insecure, babies panic and it is important to reassure them so that they regain their composure. You can do this by holding them in your arms and singing nursery rhymes to them.

This is also possible by distracting them with toys and stuffed animals. That said, unlike toys, stuffed animals allow babies to bond emotionally. It is for this reason that children start by having their favorite stuffed animal as their best friend.

The role of activity toys in social development

Growing up, many children engage in role-playing games. It goes without saying that adults find it cute. However, they do not realize that this is an important activity that allows children to develop their social skills, by imitating the adults around them. In this way, they will be better able to create real social relationships, at a later age. This is one of the reasons why the activity plush can be an excellent companion for this kind of occupation.

The role of activity fluff in the development of reflexes

As mentioned earlier, activity toys help children develop their senses. This also applies to reflexes. By playing with their stuffed animals, children will gradually learn to catch objects in midair and anticipate their fall.

Over time, they will become more skilled and able to manipulate objects with greater ease. This will allow them to have a considerable advantage over children their own age, as they can easily learn a variety of techniques, such as playing an instrument or painting.

The role of activity toys in the development of intelligence

Activity stuffed animals are well known for their effectiveness in the cognitive development of children. They allow them to improve their memory and strengthen their ability to solve problems . Also, these soft toys make it easier for children to learn the letters, which guarantees them an excellent start during the first year of school.

The role of activity fluff in developing concentration

Contrary to what one might think, concentration is not really linked to the level of intelligence of the child. Indeed, even the smartest children can also have trouble concentrating. By exposing your child to activity stuffed animals for long enough sessions, you encourage him to learn to concentrate on the task at hand.

In time, he will be able to concentrate for long hours, until he finds the solution to the problem facing him. This ability to concentrate will be extremely useful to him in his studies and his profession, when he will finally be an adult.

The role of activity toys in the development of creativity

The benefits of activity stuffed animals are not limited exclusively to the physical and cognitive development of the child. Indeed, they also allow him to broaden the horizons of his imagination, which makes him more creative. It is enough to observe and analyze the experiences that the child has while playing with his activity stuffed animals to realize this.

Note that the activities related to these soft toys vary greatly from one model to another. It is therefore important to let the child interact with a variety of them, so that he can benefit from good development at all levels.

Are activity plushies safe for children?

Of course, before buying an activity toy for your child, it is completely normal to want to make sure of its safety. This step is very important, even if you receive the plush as a gift. Without wanting to alarm you, it is important to note that all stuffed animals, regardless of their type, can potentially constitute risks for babies under the age of one, when they are sleeping.

According to pediatric experts, some soft toys are considered risky items for infants. It is strongly discouraged to put them in the cradles, because they can accidentally fall on the face of the baby and end up suffocating him. It is for this reason that it is never recommended to let a baby sleep with his stuffed animal, until his first birthday. So, to guarantee the safety of your child, here are some important tips to follow as well as some mistakes to avoid:

Tips for getting babies to sleep safely

  • Always place the baby in a cradle to sleep (avoid beds, benches, sofas, etc.)
  • Empty the crib of all risky items (cushions, hats, heavy blankets, etc.)
  • Always put the baby on his back to sleep

Mistakes that must absolutely be avoided:

  • Leaving at-risk items in the crib
  • Cover the baby's head when sleeping
  • Place the crib in a room where the temperature is high
  • Let the child sleep next to you in your bed

While the risks to the baby from soft toys may seem dramatic, it's worth noting that hats and cushions are considered to be "dangerous" as well. Naturally, we suggest that you follow the advice of experts to the letter, because it is always better to eliminate all risks, even if the probability of an accident occurring remains very small.

In addition, it should be remembered that activity soft toys with CE marking do not constitute any health risk for your child. This marking proves that the stuffed animals are controlled by European regulators and that they comply with their requirements. Knowing that the regulations in question are extremely strict, it is almost impossible that these products can harm the health of children.

Are there ecological activity soft toys?

Just as you think about the future and the health of your child, you must certainly worry about the health of the planet you leave to him. Fortunately, a large number of activity plush manufacturers offer eco-friendly products. Their organic stuffed animals are completely biodegradable and pose no risk to the environment. Remember to inform yourself about the manufacturer and its products before making your purchase.

Our giant stuffed animals: The Big Ones

The activity soft toy can accompany your child throughout his development. Once he becomes attached to it, it will probably occupy an important place in his life. The plush can also act as a mediator between you and your child. You can watch him play with it and listen to his discussions with her. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to your child.

In addition, the activity soft toy is a learning tool that is hard to beat. By playing, your child will be able to access a massive amount of information in a short time.

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