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Our Big Ones

Discover our XXL stuffed animals , great novelty of the year 2021! Whether you need a larger than life comforter or a home decor item, our giant, handcrafted and sewn stuffed animals are sure to impress. Whether you are looking for a teddy bear , a majestic-looking tiger teddy , a giant giraffe teddy or even a large panther teddy with a soft and silky coat, you can find them all in our catalog The Big Ones , and many other animals!

Our bears

Pleasing young and old, discover our collection of teddy bears ! Unconditional icons of moments of tenderness, our bear and teddy bear toys will immediately make a place for themselves in your arms. From the brown bear teddy to the white bear through our cute panda teddy , from the small toy teddy bear to the imposing giant teddy bear , take advantage of our wide range of hand-sewn teddy bears !

My first comforter

Plush toy ideal for newborns, discover the little plush " my first cuddly toy" ! This collection includes an adorable teddy bear and a very pretty stork soft toy that will help your baby's awakening, and can become a companion for life. Take advantage of this duo of soft toys for babies, hand-sewn with hypoallergenic fabric . You can also bring them with their birth kit, thus making a perfect doll for toddlers!

Our dogs

Dogs are man's best friend, and our soft and cuddly plush dogs are no exception! Discover our canine collection and choose the cute dog plush that suits you best: Leonard the adorable Husky plush , Hector the Shar-Pei with the inimitable face, or even Ferdinand the soft Bernese Mountain Dog plush . All are at your disposal to cuddle young and old, and will be the ideal gift for a household! The expert work of our Italian seamstresses gives each plush dog a lifelike appearance, from the padding giving each muscle its shape, to the hand-stitched fabrics creating the realistic appearance of the coat.

Hector Plush
La Pelucherie - Cat family

Our Cats

Discover one of our many cat soft toys , little balls of love with a piercing look and a silky and soft coat! Choose a stuffed animal from our collection of felines , ranging from the most cuddly like the Oscar cat plush with very soft fur to the impressive giant stuffed tiger , or even our majestic lion plush with its inimitable mane. . All are true works of art by our Italian craftsmen and will seduce you, whether you want a soft toy, a birth gift or a decoration for a child's room.