Nos peluches sont garanties à vie 🧸 En savoir plus

Delivery in 4 hours available in Paris

+130,000 satisfied customers since 1976 👉 Our stuffed animals

Lifetime warranty 
At La Pelucherie we know that stuffed animals have immense sentimental value and that nothing can replace a stuffed animal that we have adopted.
If yours is damaged, we try to repair it for you, or we replace it for you.
It's a guarantee for life!

Expertise since 1976
In 1976, our grandmother created La Pelucherie. A veritable institution, his shop on the Champs-Elysées offered an enchanted world for young and old.

Hand sewn in Italy
Our happy family with very soft hair is thought in France and designed in Italy. The seamstresses of the workshop spend precious time making each plush.

A personalized gift
It is no coincidence that mothers trust us. The love we have for our stuffed animals doesn't stop at manufacturing. We thought of our stuffed animals as an exceptional gift.