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Journée mondiale de la peluche et de l’ours en peluche !

World Teddy and Teddy Bear Day!

Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Today is September 9, World Teddy Day , also known as " Teddy Bear Day "!

Created in 1902 , Teddy Bear Day is named after the President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt . In tribute to his refusal to shoot a young bear during a hunting trip, his nickname Teddy is now the one given to teddy bears.

La Pelucherie has been renowned since its beginnings for its magnificent teddy bears. The quality of the raw materials selected from among the best on the market, the softness of the furs, the impeccable finishes made by hand by our seamstresses according to the know-how required of yesteryear, the details carefully thought out by expert eyes, the realism their looks,… In short, our secret ingredient lies in all the love and care given to our cuddly toys! Much more than simple "toys", we consider them valuable companions and work with enthusiasts !

The teddy bear is a timeless must-have ! Children and adults alike, everyone has a teddy bear. Teddy bears make our daily lives sweeter: both accomplices , confidants and a source of comfort , it's not for nothing that a day is dedicated to them! The teddy bear is the ideal gift , whether for a birth, a birthday, Christmas, Grandmother's Day, Valentine's Day and so on! Every occasion deserves its teddy bear! Why not fall for one of our teddy bears ? Each has its own personality and is customizable . We can sew a first name on the paw of our pretty bear Lucien , embroider a first name, a date of birth, or a sweet word on the cap of our beautiful pink or blue dodo bear , or write the message on precious cotton pouches of your choice ! From the smallest bear to the giant bear, passing through the medium bear, we offer all sizes. A most original and unforgettable gift to celebrate any period of life or simply to treat yourself or yourself! Our stuffed animals are guaranteed for life and returns are free , so there's no need to hesitate!

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