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top 3 prénom 2020

Top 3 baby names of 2020

A baby is on the way? We will try to inspire you by revealing the TOP 3 names embroidered at the Pelucherie in 2020!!!

TOP 3 boy names

NUMBER 1: Louis

Louis is a first name of German origin which comes from the first name Hlodowig which means "glory" and "fight". Like any self-respecting royal first name, Louis is chivalrous: he marvelously combines charm with power. He is also someone reassuring, with a serene and peaceful character. Hum hum... are the Louis you know really all calm and serene? 🤔

Louis is reasoned and likes long reflections. Never acting in haste, he prefers to take his time to make the best decisions. A true father hen, Louis takes care of his family and shows great generosity with those he loves. ❤️

What he prefers above all is to transmit love, like the Plushy Team! Loyal with his friends, be careful not to play him because his trust will be hard to regain if you disappoint him.

There are a lot of famous Louis 😉 Among them, we immediately think of Louis de Funès, Louis Armstrong, Louis Chedid, but also Louis Vuitton or Louis Pasteur, without forgetting our many French kings. And you, which Louis are you thinking of?

Saint Louis is August 25... Luck! It's the perfect date to organize a pool party. 🎉

Louis looooooooves red and his favorite number is 4!

NUMBER 2: Sasha

Sacha is a first name of Greek origin! Highly sensitive, Sacha is super energetic, full of daring and a bit eccentric. What do the Sachas make us laugh about! 😂 True enthusiasts and endowed with a real soul of leader, the Sacha know how to find their place in society and are in perpetual quest for discoveries. But Sacha's main character trait is above all tenderness, a real artichoke heart our Sacha! 🙈

The French singer Sacha Distel, the actor Sacha Guitry but also the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen may have inspired you to call your little one Sacha, right?! ✨

Saint Sacha's Day is April 22, give him chocolate bunnies!

Just like Louis, Sacha is a fan of the color red, but prefers the number 1!

NUMBER 3: Arthur

The meaning of the first name Arthur is very controversial, it brought us a lot of trouble! 😝

Indeed, since King Arthur knew three different cultures, French, Irish and Scandinavians dispute the origin. For the Bretons, Arthur would come from the word "arz" which means "bear". The Irish, for their part, are convinced that the first name Arthur comes from the word "art" which means "stone", a symbol of solidity. Finally according to the Scandinavians, Arthur is the transcription of the Norwegian "Arnthor" meaning "the eagle of the god Thor". So who is right? Nobody knows! 🤷‍♀️

King Arthur has surely inspired many of you to give this beautiful name to your children! Unless it's the presenter Arthur 🙃 as a celebrity, or the poet Arthur Rimbaud??!

We celebrate Saint Arthur on November 15, two weeks after Halloween!

The Arthurs love white, it's their favorite color! So what better than to offer them a beautiful Lucien bear with a snow-colored coat ? Or 5 stuffed animals since it's his favorite number! 😋

TOP 3 girl names 

NUMBER 1: Romy

Did you know that Romy is short for Rose-Marie? Romy is often a very responsible child with her siblings, she's the perfect big sister in a way! Later, she flourishes in a profession that allows her to help others, she is a true altruist. 😇
There are many famous Romy! The actress Romy Schneider is surely the best known of the Romys, but there is also Romy Kasper, German cyclist or Romy Müller, Olympic relay champion. We want your Romy to have the beauty of Romy Schneider, the mind of Romy Müller and the winning of Romy Kasper!

Saint Romy is celebrated on August 23, to celebrate under the sun! ☀️

Romy loves blue and her favorite number is 3! The precious stone she prefers is the pearl, and we also at the Plushy Team, we love pearls but we admit, we prefer my diamonds hehe 😜 !

NUMBER 2: Anna

Anna's name means "grace". This is the Latin transcription of the French Anne. The latter dominated the first name scene for several centuries, but it gave way to Anna who is becoming more and more popular! Anna has excellent intuition and is endowed with a strong sixth sense, which often makes her make the right choices. That's why you always have to listen to the Annas! 🙈

Many famous tennis players are called Anna: Anna Kournikova, Anna Smashnova, Anna-Lena Grönefeld or Anna Maria Fernandez. When you gave the first name Anna to your daughter, was it because you secretly dreamed that your daughter would become a tennis champion?

Saint Anna is celebrated on August 23, 1 your return from vacation!

Anne is like The Plushy Team! She loves orange! And his lucky number is 3 🌟

NUMBER 3: Juliet

Juliette is the female variant of the first name Jules, the little sister of our friend Jules what 🤣 . Juliet is a first name given since Antiquity, which became popular during the Renaissance, in Italy, France and England, thanks to the fame of the play Romeo and Juliet. Juliette loves life! Organized and determined, she always does everything to achieve her dreams. Ambitious, she likes challenges. For her parents, she will want to show her ability to surpass herself so that they can be proud of it.

Here are the women who may have inspired you to call your daughter Juliette? Juliette Drouet, Juliette Binoche, Juliette Greco. ✨

Sainte Juliette is July 30 so don't miss it even if you've already gone on vacation!

Juliette really likes red and her number is 3️⃣!

As for us, it gives us some ideas for the future companions that will enter our collection. And you ? Is your first name part of our Top 3?

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