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Where and how to donate your stuffed animals in France?

Have you peeked under your children's bed? Or maybe in that dusty old box at the back of the closet, ready to explode under the weight of stuffed animals and cuddly toys of all kinds ! Rabbits with oversized ears, bears with a mischievous smile, giraffes with big legs... And if you gave them away? 

Imagine their smile at the idea of ​​having a new life, a new friend to cuddle. In addition, giving your stuffed animals is a generous act that can make all the difference for those who receive them.

So let's talk about why, how and where to donate your stuffed animals in France. Let's go with a smile!

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The gift of stuffed animals: a solidarity and environmental act

In a world where recycling and reuse have become watchwords, storing tons of unused toys and stuffed animals no longer really makes sense. These cozy companions who made the beautiful days of your childhood or that of your children now seem inanimate. But your old stuffed animals can bring joy and comfort to others.

Donating soft toys is a fantastic way to give them a second life, while contributing to a sustainable and united economy by promoting second-hand toys.

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Bring your old stuffed animals back to life

Life is a continuous cycle, and this is also true for our stuffed animals. Giving away these cherished items keeps this cycle going and keeps your stuffed animals alive in another child's heart. 

So, instead of letting them gather dust, why not give them a second life ? By donating them, you ensure your stuffed animals a new home where they will be loved and appreciated at their true value.

A charitable and generous donation

Solidarity is fundamental to building a better society. And it starts with small gestures, like donating stuffed animals.

Donating your stuffed animals may seem insignificant, but every stuffed animal, whether small or giant , can bring great comfort to a child in need.

In addition, it is an excellent way to make your children aware of the values ​​of sharing and generosity.

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Reducing the environmental impact of toys and stuffed animals

By donating your stuffed animals, you are helping to reduce the consumption and excessive production of toys , which has a positive impact on our environment.

Making soft toys requires non-renewable resources and a lot of energy. Depending on how they are made, these adorable creatures may also feature non-biodegradable materials, such as polyester, which take centuries to degrade in nature.

In addition, the mass production of soft toys contributes to overconsumption, a major problem in our modern society. Every year, millions of stuffed animals are produced and sold, fueling a chain of excessive consumption that can be significantly reduced through the donation of second-hand stuffed animals .

In short, donating your stuffed animals may be a small step for you, but it's a big step for the environment!

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Where to give your stuffed animals in France?

So you have decided to donate your stuffed animals. Fantastic ! But where to put them? There are many places in France that would be delighted to accept your beloved cuddly toys.

But before saying goodbye to them, check that your stuffed animals are in good condition. Nobody wants to receive a dirty and shredded old comforter! If so, wash them and try to fix them before giving them away.

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Several associations in France accept donations of stuffed animals. Among the best known:

During the Christmas holidays, large collections of games and toys for children are organized. This is the perfect opportunity to offer your stuffed animals to the poorest!

Check with each association to find out about the conditions and process for donations . Also remember to ask the Town Hall if there are local initiatives for the donation of toys and stuffed animals.

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children's hospitals

Children's hospitals are often happy to receive donations of soft toys. These toys can bring great comfort to hospitalized children and make their health journey a little sweeter.

You can contact hospitals near your home directly to ask if they have a donation service, such as Hôpital Necker pour Enfants In Paris , and how to proceed.

Please note that some hospitals may have specific rules regarding toy donations, particularly for health and safety reasons. 

The Ludopital association collects many toys for children hospitalized in the North of France and can possibly provide you with information.


Orphanages, in France or abroad, are another place where stuffed animal donations can make a big difference . For many children who live in these facilities, a soft toy or comforter can provide essential emotional comfort , a sense of security, and a true lifelong companion.

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International NGOs

International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are often involved in child aid projects around the world.

They can redistribute your stuffed animals to children in conflict zones, refugee camps, or in other contexts where the comfort of a stuffed animal can be of great help.

Many campaigns to collect toys, stuffed animals, children's clothing, or childcare equipment are regularly organized on a global scale.

Friends and relatives

Finally, don't forget your family circle and friends. If you know families with young children or future parents, they will probably be delighted to receive one of your adorable stuffed animals as a birth or birthday present !

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And you, are you a fan of the second hand? Do you usually give away your used or unwanted items? Share your tips with us in the comments!

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