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Valentine's Day stuffed animals: The secrets for a successful gift

"But what am I going to be able to offer him this year?"

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift is a real headache for you gentlemen, and for us ladies. A word of advice: forget the T-shirts, key rings, pilou-pilou pajamas, and other old-fashioned ideas.

Stay classic and have your back: love teddy bears and romantic stuffed animals, it works for sure! Tested, proven and approved for a long time to melt little loving hearts.

So, which Valentine's plush to choose ? Follow the leader ! La Pelucherie gives you all its secrets for a flawless love.

Mon Ours Jules d'Amour , Lovers' favorite soft toy!

Why give a stuffed animal on Valentine's Day?

Giving a stuffed animal on Valentine's Day is a romantic tradition that dates back decades. Soft toys are a symbol of love and affection . They're soft, cuddly, and perfect for expressing deep emotions on special occasions like Valentine's Day. or a dating anniversary.

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A gift now, hugs for life

For Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day with a capital "A", what better symbol of love than a very soft plush, full of softness and hugs? Whether it's a cute little plush or a huge life-size teddy bear , La Pelucherie guarantees maximum tenderness .

With each slack or need for comfort, your lover can take refuge in the arms of his plush to cuddle, while thinking of you...

Future fetish cuddly toy and symbol of your union, the Valentine's Day cuddly toy is a gift that spreads love for a long time!

And when we say for life, it's for life! You cannot imagine the number of Valentine's stuffed animals that become comforters for future children . Isn't there a better gift?

A romantic cuddly toy that will make your better half crack

As logical as it is effective, the romantic plush falls into the category of Valentine's Day gifts known as "enough to think about it"!

Between us, who would not fall for a little dog with a red heart delicately sewn on the buttocks? Or a teddy bear in the colors of love and passion? Your sweetheart won't be able to resist. It's in the pocket !

Valentine's Day plush, Gifts for lovers, La Pelucherie

Hector Dog's Valentine's Day Plush and his little heart on his buttocks!

The Jules Rouge Bear , A passion-coloured Valentine's Day soft toy!

Choosing the right Valentine's plush: Tips & tricks from the pros!

Be careful, not all stuffed animals are the same for Valentine's Day! If you want a successful gift, you must choose a teddy that lives up to your love. 

Here are some tips from La Pelucherie, an expert in love stuffed animals for several decades!

1. Choose a premium plush

For a nice gift, the "quality" box must be at the top of the list of your selection criteria. Nobody wants to receive a "made in China" Valentine's Day gift that will deteriorate in no time and lose all its beauty.

Lucky for you, at La Pelucherie, we take care of our stuffed animals! They are handmade by seamstresses with nimble fingers and… guaranteed for life, like your love . The message will get through!

Think about your valentine's personality: choose a plush that reflects his personality and shows that you have thought of him/her. For example, if your valentine loves cats, give her a cat stuffed toy. It's as simple as that !

2. Personalize the plush!

A rule of Valentine's Day is to always give a personalized gift . No question that your lover ends up with the same teddy bear as the neighbors. It may be a detail for you... but it means a lot! This is called "marking the shot" for an unforgettable romantic evening.

Don't panic: La Pelucherie thinks of everything! You can personalize your Valentine's Day stuffed animals by having the pouch, paw or ear of your stuffed animal embroidered with your date of meeting, wedding , or a little secret love note!

Besides, where is the love, if not in the details?

And for even more effect, you can even offer a custom plush toy with the image of his pet !

3. Think about your significant other's tastes

Classic Valentine's Stuffed Animals Convey Messages of Love quite obvious: a teddy bear with a heart, a rabbit that says "I love you", etc.

If staying classic is effective, still ask yourself the question: what makes her/him crack? A shar pei , an adorable little realistic stuffed cat , a very cute koala , or a cute baby seal !

Your couple is more based on humor : why not a funny stuffed animal in the shape of a pig or a dinosaur ?

In short, you have understood: choosing the best stuffed animal for Valentine's Day also means choosing the one that best suits your boyfriend/girlfriend!

All hand-sewn stuffed animals La Pelucherie

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4. Cuddly toys the size of your love

Finally, one of the most original Valentine's Day gifts are giant stuffed animals! What to say "I love you" with a capital "A", an epic choice to express your love.

Both a gift of love and a decoration, these adorable plush giants create a warm atmosphere in your home. They are also a comforting companion for your other half when you are far from each other. or just a tangible reminder of your love when he/she needs a hug.

All the maxi giant stuffed animals La Pelucherie

La Pelucherie wishes an excellent Valentine's Day to all lovers!

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And you, have you ever offered a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day? Would you like to receive one? Tell us everything!

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