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5 reasons to give your girlfriend a stuffed animal! Which one to choose ?

Are you looking for a great gift for your girlfriend / boyfriend? A gift that she/he will remember for the rest of her life?

Have you considered stuffed animals? If this is one of the most popular couple gifts, there must be a reason. In fact, there are even 5 good reasons to give your lover a stuffed animal .

Mon Ours Jules d'Amour , Lovers' favorite soft toy! 

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Why give a stuffed animal to your girlfriend?

Giving a plush to your girlfriend / boyfriend goes far beyond a simple gift that is too cute.

The plush bears large symbols : hugs, softness, comfort, love! It can also send important messages ("I'm here for you", "I support you") or root precious memories shared as a couple.

1. To offer him softness and strength

Whether small or giant, stuffed animals are symbols of love, softness, and hugs . They are perfect companions for your girlfriend, especially when you're away from her .

She will be able to slip her little love comforter into her handbag to feel the strength of your love all day by her side.

If you opt instead for a large stuffed teddy bear , it will be his comfort companion in the evening at home.

Regardless of age, girls (and boys) love it! It's the touch of sweetness to offer them for pleasant moments of cuddles, calm, and cocooning when you're not there.

Hand-sewn giant stuffed animals, La Pelucherie

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2. For a nice wink in difficult times

Giving a stuffed animal is a great way to show that you are listening to your darling, his needs, his emotions, and the difficult times he or she may be going through.

In a relationship, it is important to be present and compassionate. Life can sometimes be stressful and filled with obstacles and hardships to go through.

By offering a soft toy to your lover, you send him a strong message: you are there for him/her, ready to support him or her in the most difficult times. The plush then becomes a strong symbol of your love and your desire to be a pillar in the life of your other half.

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3. An original and personalized plush for his girlfriend

The advantage of soft toys is that there are so many choices that you will necessarily find the one that will please your girlfriend / boyfriend.

But a romantic soft toy is not chosen lightly: for a guaranteed effect, think about personalizing it!

First, think about which animal your lover prefers. Or perhaps an animal that symbolizes your couple, your highlights, or your projects ? For example :

Plush Lovers, Couples, Plush

Mon Seal Arsène , Something to make your girlfriend crack!

Then, consider personalizing his plush for a unique gift! At La Pelucherie, some of our models can be personalized by embroidering a name, a date, or an initial on the plush! You can also have a small message embroidered on the pretty pouch that accompanies it.

In addition, the pouch is reusable. Once her stuffed animal is unpacked, your friend can use it to store her make-up, photos, or her underwear. In the end, she will always have a little bit of you with her!

Does your girlfriend bear the first name of one of our stuffed animals? BINGO! She will be delighted to have a soft toy bearing her likeness, such as Ma Souris Lucie or Ma Tortue Rosalie .

Finally, to reach the pinnacle of attention and dedication, have a custom plush toy made for your darling . At La Pelucherie, you have the opportunity to design your own plush and create a unique gift that perfectly matches your partner. Choose the shape, size, color… we take care of the rest !

Personalization of the pouches that accompany the stuffed animals from La Pelucherie in the name of your girlfriend / boyfriend!

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4. For a successful Valentine's Day

The love teddy remains one of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts. And confessing your feelings with a stuffed animal is the right plan for the shyest of us!

Tell him clearly "I love you" with Mon Ours Jules or stay more subtle with Mon Chien Hector and his little red heart on his buttocks.

Plush For His Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Love Gifts, La Pelucherie

My dog ​​Hector and his little heart on his buttocks!

5. For an unforgettable couple memory

Soft toys are wonderful in that they invoke wonderful memories. They are often associated with special couple moments .

Each time you look at a stuffed animal, memories come to the surface, bringing with them intense emotions and knowing smiles.

Whether it's a first love comforter, a Valentine's Day gift, or a private anecdote between the two of you, these adorable creatures will continue to evoke deep emotions and strengthen the bonds in your relationship for many years!

Hand-sewn stuffed animals, ideal gift idea, La Pelucherie

Now that you have the plush of his dreams in mind, take a breather. Smile. You have finally found a unique and delicate gift for your beloved girlfriend / boyfriend ❤️

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SO ? Did it give you any ideas? Tell us in the comments!

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  • SYlvie BAuer

    J ai 73 ans et j ai envie depuis longtemps d une GRANDE et belle peluche douce et moelleuse. Je l ai dit 36 fois à mes enfants mais pas de peluche. Ma belle mère avait offert des Steiffs magnifiques à ma petite fille; je suis sure qu ils les ont vendues bien qu ils me disent le contraire. JE VEUX UNE PELUCHE !!!

  • Bischoff Francoise

    J ai 62 ans, et je n ai jamais eu comme cadeau une peluche, ni de poupée. C est une grande souffrance, je pense m en offrir une superbe pour moi. 😘

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