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NEW: Jules love bear 👉 Offer sweetness for Valentine's Day

115,000+ satisfied customers since 1976

115,000+ satisfied customers since 1976 👉 All our stuffed animals

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Fête des grand-mères : dites-lui je t'aime avec une peluche ❤️

Grandmother's Day: tell her I love you with a plush ❤️

The plush, an original gift idea to celebrate Grandmother's Day!

Cuddly toys aren't just for kids... we're sure your grandma would love a sweet companion! Our darling Maminou , whom we have been so close to since childhood, is still a fan!

There is no age limit for having a cuddly toy or enjoying the company of a pretty soft toy. Especially when you see all the benefits that their presence provides, even in adults.

Make your grandma happy by offering her a personalized plush

And for a most original gift, personalize the pouch that accompanies our stuffed animals with their first name, nickname or even a sweet word! A personalized , unique , and original gift that will not fail to express your love!

Bear , rabbit , cat , dog , koala , hedgehog , turtle ... There's a stuffed animal for every granny!

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