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Birth List: 50 Useful and Original Ideas!

Preparing for the arrival of a baby is a magical but sometimes (often) stressful moment. Among the preparations, there is the famous birth list: a valuable tool to help future parents equip themselves and offer loved ones the opportunity to support them and participate in this great adventure.

If you're out of inspiration, discover our list of 50 original and useful ideas for an unforgettable birth list.

Top 10 Baby Registry Ideas

Let's start with the top 10!

All the hand-sewn stuffed animals from La Pelucherie

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1. La Pelucherie birth box

If birth boxes are great classics of birth lists, it's for a reason! These kits allow you to have several useful elements for the arrival of baby, but matched for more style.

In La Pelucherie's birth box, you will find the stuffed toy of your choice , a white Oeko-tex certified cotton swaddle and bodysuit, and a small wooden rattle with big rabbit ears that are too cute.

Ideas Birth List, Birth Kit, La Pelucherie

The Birth Box of La Pelucherie

2. A 3D footprint kit for babies

Immortalize time with a 3D print of your new baby's little feet or little hands! Every little finger, every little toe is a wonder to be cherished forever, but babies grow up so fast...

So, to preserve this ephemeral period, get yourself a 3D baby footprint kit by slipping it into your birth list!

3. A voucher for a birth photo shoot

Although popular, few parents think of adding the photoshoot to their baby shower list. This photographic session is specially designed for newborns, generally between 5 and 15 days old.

It can be done in the maternity ward or at home, and allows you to take soft and touching shots that will recall the magic of baby's first days.

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4. A personalized comforter

Cuddly toys and stuffed animals are almost essential items on birth lists. Indeed, we love having them as soon as baby arrives so that he can cuddle them from his first nights.

But for a little more originality, think of personalized comforters! Ask your loved ones to have your baby's name or date of birth embroidered on one of the stuffed animals from La Pelucherie.

Customizable plush, birth list ideas, La Pelucherie

My Dog Albert , A Customizable Soft Toy for Your Birth List

Hand-sewn newborn stuffed animals La Pelucherie

5. Sponsoring a tree

The birth of a baby is often a time of reflection on the future and the legacy we wish to leave to the next generation. By adding the sponsorship of a tree to your birth list, you make a choice that is both symbolic and concrete for the future of your child and the planet, and you contribute directly to reforestation and the fight against change. climatic.

The "one baby, one tree" program from Guigoz Laboratories allows your loved ones to sponsor a tree on the occasion of the birth of a baby in just a few clicks!

6. A baby diary

The hectic pace of modern life can sometimes make it difficult to capture the fleeting moments of an infant's first months. That's where the baby diary comes in, a treasure trove of paper where memories can be recorded and cherished. It is a very special and almost essential gift for a birth list!

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7. Birth Night Sky Chart

The stars have been the silent witnesses of billions of births! So, what could be more meaningful than being offered a map of the celestial vault as it was when your baby entered the world?

With The Star Poster for example, you can create a map that displays the stars, planets and constellations visible at the exact time and place of birth. A very original idea for your birth list!

8. An engraved jewel

When it comes to marking a special occasion, such as the birth of a child, an engraved piece of jewelry is a priceless treasure, passing on memories and love for generations.

So why not take advantage of your birth list to get a medallion, a pendant or a small bracelet engraved in honor of your baby's birth?

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9. A Time Capsule

The time capsule is the new trend in birth gifts. It is simply a box or container in which parents can keep objects, photos, newspapers, letters, etc. so that their child discovers them when he is older, perhaps for his 18th birthday.

So don't hesitate to add a time capsule to your birth list. In addition, your most creative loved ones can even make it themselves!

10. Handmade clothes

Baby clothes and accessories are at the top of every birth list. But beware of the quality of the fabrics for baby's delicate skin! So why not ask your loved ones and tweak them by adding handmade knitwear, blankets, hats, bibs and sweaters to your baby list?

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40 Other Useful Ideas For A Baby Registry

You haven't found what you're looking for in our top 10 birth list ideas? Here are 40 other great ideas, 30 for baby and 10 for mom!

30 birth list ideas for babies

  • Birth clothes
  • Soft onesies
  • A giant plush to decorate his room
  • A musical mobile
  • A baby bouncer or hammock
  • A play mat
  • Sensory toys
  • A high chair
  • Books made of fabric or thick cardboard
  • A small night light
  • A baby toiletry set
  • A nice music box
  • A pacifier clip
  • A stroller
  • Wool or cotton slippers
  • Bottles and teats
  • A baby cook
  • A co-sleeping cradle
  • A subscription to a box of baby books
  • A bunch of wooden keys
  • A massage workshop for babies
  • A travel cot
  • A super ergonomic baby carrier
  • A bath thermometer
  • A diaper bin!
  • Layers !
  • A bottle warmer
  • Barriers for the stairs
  • A subscription to baby swimmers
  • A car seat

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10 birth list ideas for mums

Having a satisfied and relaxed mother is also a gift for baby... So, kill two birds with one stone and don't hesitate to add gifts for yourself to your birth list! Here are some special mom ideas:

  • A nursing pillow
  • A breast pump
  • A postpartum kit
  • Breastfeeding clothes
  • A family photo shoot
  • Mother-baby activities
  • A care kit for new mothers
  • A nice diaper bag
  • A massage or spa session
  • A cup holder for the stroller!

And you ? What did you put on your birth list?

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