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Que mettre sur une liste de naissance ?

What to put on a birth list?

Are you expecting a happy event, D-Day is fast approaching and would like to write a beautiful birth list for you and your child? Don't be taken aback! From today, it will be entirely possible for you to plan your purchases so that everything is ready on the day of the birth.

In this article, we present to you everything you need to prepare so that your child is welcomed in the best conditions. This also includes the essentials for you and your spouse.

You will also learn more about what you should and should not take with you on the day of the birth. Let's get started without further ado!

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How to prepare a good birth list?

Preparing your maternity suitcase a few weeks in advance will give you a feeling of security and allow you to live this period with more serenity. Moreover, it is good to note that in general, it is recommended to finalize the preparation of the suitcase at the 36th week of pregnancy. This will allow you to be ready, even if the baby arrives much earlier than expected. We also advise you to place the suitcase right next to the main door of your home. You certainly don't want to have to search for it at the last moment.

That said, even with such preparations, you won't escape a little last-minute sprint, because you'll probably need your keys, your insurance card or even your phone. You also have the option of placing the suitcase in your car. Make sure, though, that she won't be on the other side of town the day you need her to go to the hospital.

The birth list to prepare for the mother

Find below the essential elements of the mother for the birth list. This birth list can be divided into five parts, which we present to you here.

Documents and essentials

Above all, know that even if you forget all these elements, the hospital will welcome you in the best conditions. That said, after the baby is born, you are going to have to send someone to pick them up, as they are, indeed, essential, especially from an administrative point of view. Here is the list of documents and objects that the mother must absolutely not forget:

  • An identity document (national identity card, license, passport)
  • Social security and/or insurance documents
  • The name and contact details of your specialist doctor
  • Your medical history (in case of illness or if you have any health problem)
  • Your birth plan (optional)
  • Your electronic devices, like your phone. Don't forget the chargers

personal items

When you go to the hospital for the delivery, it costs you nothing to anticipate a longer stay than expected. Here are the personal items that will certainly be useful to you:

  • Toiletries: take your hairbrush, your deodorant, a tube of toothpaste and your toothbrush. The hospital will provide you with soap and shampoo for the shower, but you'll probably prefer your own. This is also the case for sanitary napkins. So remember to bring a package, just in case.
  • Eyeglasses: if you have them, know that they will be extremely useful to you. Moreover, after a long childbirth, you will need calm and plenty of rest. This is not likely to happen if you have a headache because of your poor eyesight. Plus, you're definitely going to want to admire your baby and appreciate the smallest details of her beautiful little face.

Note that, if you wear contact lenses, don't forget to bring the multipurpose solution that goes with them, as you may have to remove them before delivery.

clothes for childbirth

Take with you one or two bathing capes, a nightgown, slippers and two or three pairs of socks. While the hospital should be able to provide you with clothes to wear, they may not be the right size.

To make your life easier, choose loose clothing. This will make it easier for the nurses who will certainly have to give you some tests. On the other hand, choose slippers and light bathing capes, which are not likely to bother you after childbirth. Finally, consider getting a nightgown with a front opening, so you can easily breastfeed the baby .

Outfit for discharge from hospital

After the birth of the baby and the verification of his good health as well as yours, it is high time for you to go home. You definitely don't want to come out of the hospital in a nightgown. So remember to put two outfits in your maternity suitcase.

The first outfit should be quite light, because you will wear it when your friends come to visit. You can opt for a maternity yoga outfit, which remains presentable while being particularly comfortable.

For the second outfit, take the clothes that are easiest to put on. Indeed, after childbirth, you must make sure not to move too much and avoid extreme movements. Also, choose flat, comfortable shoes.

Underwear for after childbirth

There are a variety of underwear that are designed for postpartum. Take the time to test their different types before choosing the one that suits you best. It is highly recommended to opt for nursing bras , which have front openings, which will allow you to easily breastfeed your baby. Their padding is also much more absorbent, which is extremely practical in the event of a leak.

Our tips for a comfortable childbirth

Now that you've made sure you have the essentials, it's time to move on to the optional elements, but which, as you will see, are still essential:

  • Your comfort accessories, such as massage and well-being lotions or even your make-up to make yourself beautiful for your family and friends
  • Your headphones for listening to music
  • Your smartphone to surf the web when you're bored
  • A few books to vary your leisure time a little
  • Snacks (bags of crisps, chocolate, drinks, etc.)
  • A notebook and a pen to write down everything you should remember when you leave the hospital and to write down the instructions that will be given to you by the midwives
  • A maternity pillow to help you comfortably breastfeed your baby
  • Little gifts for big brothers and big sisters, so they don't get jealous of the new kid
  • An insulated glass with straw for hot and comforting drinks
  • If you have vision problems, remember to bring your glasses and contact lenses. Thus, you can make switches between the two, especially when your glasses become foggy
  • A packet of chocolate for hospital staff. It's not much, but such a gesture is always a pleasure!

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The birth list to prepare for the dad

Just like the mother, the father also has a part to play and she is not the least. Here's what he can do to prepare for the big day:

  • Filming the moment of the baby's birth (however, you must ask permission to do so.)
  • Take care of bureaucratic procedure and payments
  • Buying medicine and shopping for the baby
  • Watching over the mother and the baby and making sure they lack nothing

The birth list to prepare for the baby

Here is a complete list of items that you absolutely must put in your newborn's bag:

  • Nail clippers: You probably don't know this, but babies are often born with extremely sharp nails. This does not leave you time to wait and it is best to cut your baby's nails in the first hours after birth.
  • An outing outfit: your baby will probably need a nice little outfit to wear to go home. If it's cold, put a hat on his head and make him wear socks and gloves
  • Sheets: In general, the sheets provided by the hospital are of good quality. However, you probably want your baby to be entitled to excellence. In this case, do not hesitate to bring your own sheets

Don't forget to buy a car seat for your baby. This way, you'll be able to bring it home in the best condition and with minimal risk. Tip from the pros: the seat must be placed upside down (the child facing the back of the car). Moreover, it is only in this position that you will be able to attach it correctly with the seat belt.

In addition, you can perfectly offer him a newborn soft toy for his first day!

Items not needed on the birth list

For fear of forgetting something important, we often end up taking everything and anything. In this section, we invite you to discover the most useless objects found in many people's maternity suitcases:

  • Jewelry: you cannot imagine the value of jewelry transported unnecessarily in maternity suitcases. In addition to the fact that you risk losing yours, be sure that they will be of no use to you

  • Non-prescribed medications: All medications you will need to take must be prescribed by your doctor. However, the latter will only do this when you are there, at the hospital. So, unless you are a diviner, we advise against bringing medicine with you. They will only encumber you

  • A second outfit for the baby: We completely understand that you are excited about the idea of ​​having a variety of outfits for your newborn. That said, in the vast majority of cases, one outfit will suffice for his hospital stay.

  • Scented candles: while the basic idea is not bad, we advise you to scent your hospital room other than by lighting scented candles. Of course, these are strictly prohibited because of the risk of fire.

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The moment of birth can be a more or less anxiety-provoking moment with regard to the organization, which is completely understandable. Rest assured ! This is the case for the majority of parents, especially if it is their first experience. To face this major challenge, it is therefore important to be well organized.

By creating your birth list and preparing the maternity bag in advance, you will have a better feeling of security and you will undoubtedly be better able to manage the pressure. Either way, remember that this is one of the happiest events of your life. So try to make the most of it and not worry too much about the little details. After all, the main thing is that your baby is welcomed and arrives home healthy.

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