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50 foolproof gift ideas for 1 year old babies!

To all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends desperately looking for an original gift for the birthday of a 1 year old baby : don't panic, La Pelucherie has tons of ideas !

Whether for girls, boys, adventurers, dreamers, budding artists or little athletes, here is a list of more than 50 1 year old baby gifts that have proven themselves!

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The Top 6 1 year old baby gifts!

Without further ado, here are the infallibles . The gifts that we find on every first birthday. Those that work for sure, whether it's a girl or a boy.

1. The walking trolley, the most popular gift for 1 year olds!

A one-year-old baby is at a pivotal moment in his development: learning to walk . To help him take this liberating step, there's nothing like a walking cart, the most popular gift on the first birthday !

And there is something for everyone : from classic wooden carts to 2.0 electronic carts, including those that play music or offer all kinds of educational games.

2. Soft toys, the unbeatable one-year-old gift!

In a completely different spirit, stuffed animals! When it comes to gifts, you stay classic, but always guaranteed success with a baby .

Soft toys are soft and comforting , just what baby needs after a walker session! And far from being a simple decorative gift, they help to stimulate the imagination and the emotion of the children .

But don't give just any stuffed animal! Amaze baby with an exceptional soft toy which will not end up in the back of a cupboard.  

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La Pelucherie soft toys are handmade and guaranteed for life! In addition, they can be personalized with the child's name , a unique and memorable gift for the 1 year old!

We have bears , dogs ,rabbits , turtles ,koalas , elephants, cats, donkeys, lions, and even tiny mice and giant stuffed animals . Enough to offer a true life companion for this first anniversary.

3. Bath toys and books

Bath toys are a great gift idea for a one year old baby. When they are well chosen, they are stimulating toys that allow the child to have fun while developing new skills (colors, shapes, experiences, etc.).

There is a wide variety of bath toys that will allow you to give a more original and fun gift. than the classic little ducks (although timeless!): floating toys, sprayers, squeeze toys, water jets, fish to catch, bath books, etc.

4. Stacking toys, a classic but safe gift!

Have you ever noticed that a one-year-old baby spends his time stacking , undoing, putting back, re-stacking, sorting, dropping , etc.? This is a natural and essential step in the psychomotor and cognitive development of children.

Stacking games have always proven popular with children. In addition, they promote creativity and imagination. 

At this age, you will make a strong impression at the birthday party if you offer wooden blocks , a building tower, stacking rings, or block games, for example.

5. Free motor skills equipment, an original gift!

A one-year-old baby is constantly moving! He needs to learn to control his movements and test his limits... and ours! He climbs, he climbs on the tables, he jumps on the sofa...

By offering him a free motor structure , you allow him to do this in a safe (and fun!) environment.

Free motor skills equipment is booming. A Montessori swing, a Pikler triangle, a wobble board, or simply modular foam cubes to build motor skills courses are great gifts for 1 year old babies.

6. Musical instruments for 1 year olds

Musical toys are also classic first-anniversary gifts .

At the age of one year, a baby is not yet ready for his first music lessons. That doesn't change the fact that he wants to bang on a drum, strum the strings of a guitar, spit into the flute, and break the sound barrier with a xylophone.

Success is guaranteed. On the other hand, expect black looks from parents, especially if the family lives in an apartment!

50 other gift ideas for one year old babies!

Whether for a boy or a girl, for a birthday, for Christmas, or simply to please , here are 50 other gift ideas that 1 year old babies will like:

For a medium/large budget :

  1. A sand and water table
  2. A giant stuffed toy 
  3. A small wooden kitchen
  4. A busy board or activity board
  5. A balance bike
  6. A garden slide
  7. A ball pool
  8. A rocking horse
  9. A doll's house
  10. A wheeled backpack
  11. A writing table for babies
  12. A little wooden train
  13. A Montessori cabin bed
  14. A learning tower
  15. A teepee for children
  16. A travel suitcase
  17. A reading beanbag
  18. A children's library
  19. A toy box
  20. A motorcycle carrier
  21. A pedal car
  22. A swing
  23. A box of baby clothes
  24. A children's wardrobe
  25. A Pikler climbing triangle

For a small budget:

  1. A construction game
  2. A wooden puzzle
  3. Books, and more books!
  4. A realistic animal plush 
  5. A music box
  6. A super hero costume
  7. Puppets
  8. Toys to sort
  9. A personalized plush
  10. Foam building blocks
  11. A pretty doll
  12. A gourd
  13. Transfer games
  14. A memory game
  15. A musical night light
  16. A subscription to a children's magazine
  17. Magnetic toys
  18. A large slate
  19. An interactive storyteller
  20. Montessori sensory toys
  21. A fingerprint kit
  22. An activity cube
  23. A wooden rainbow
  24. Clothes
  25. A bowling game

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Criteria for choosing the right gift for a baby

At the age of one year, the baby enters a phase of intense development and learning. He will learn to walk, talk, and everything that comes with it! The game is then fundamental and one of the best ways for him to discover his abilities and his environment.

But quality and safety must come first. A 1-year-old baby remains small : the risks of suffocation, falling, and injury are still significant.

Three fundamental criteria to consider when choosing a gift for a one-year-old baby :

  • Safety : Avoid toys with small removable parts (risk of choking) or strings (risk of strangulation). The paints used must be non-toxic and the materials as natural as possible (wood, organic cotton, rubber).
  • Durability : Choose strong and durable gifts, because at one year old babies still tend to mistreat their poor toys.
  • Scalable gifts : The development of a one-year-old baby is very rapid. To prevent your gift from ending up in the bottom of a cupboard next month, think scalable or long-lasting.

Your comments are welcome ! What do you think of this article ? Do you have any additional suggestions to add to our list of the best gifts for 1 year old babies?

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