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Country stuffed animals

Rediscover our campaigns with our lifelike stuffed animals . Bring a corner of the land into your room by getting to know Gaston the stuffed donkey , Leon the Rabbit or even the plush pig George . Each can come in different colors and sizes, depending on whether you want a blankie hug for your child or a decorative element for a bedroom or a playroom.
Our stuffed animals are also masterpieces of craftsmanship. Our Italian seamstresses craft each of them with silky fabric cut and sewn by hand , gradually bringing these stuffed animals to life with their attention to detail. Thus, you will be able to fully enjoy the truer-than-life expressions of the face or even the padding giving each muscle of the limbs a finely worked curve.
The stuffed animals from our farm animals collection will therefore be perfect for bringing a touch of the countryside to your home and serving as a playmate to cuddle with for the youngest. In addition, they are very easy to clean, since a few strokes of the brush are enough to restore the soft and silky hair of these animals to their luster. If they were to have more messy adventures with your child, a water rinse will do just fine.
Stuffed animals from the farm will therefore be the perfect company for the youngest, whether you want a toy or even a birth gift – in which case do not hesitate to take a look at our birth kits and their personalized embroidered pouch.