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I'm Oscar, every cat lover's plush cat ! My Italian seamstresses gave me a very realistic appearance, especially thanks to the short hair on my paws and my long , soft and silky white coat. With my iridescent blue eyes, my finely penciled mouth and my neatly ironed little pink muzzle, I have everything it takes to win your heart!

Sitting or lying down, I come in all sizes. My mini version will be a perfect comforter that you can take everywhere with you in your daily adventures. In medium size, I'd be the perfect stuffed cat to watch over your bed until you get home in the evening, and my large version will make me a great decoration for your bedroom or playroom.

If you are looking for a birth gift, I can come with my birth kit , including an embroidered pouch that you can personalize!

If you are interested in other feline plushes , don't hesitate to look at my big cousins ​​like the Zélie black panther plush or the César tiger plush . Don't be afraid to bring a stuffed dog into your house either: contrary to the usual reputation of dogs and cats , I get along very well with them, whether it's the Husky Léonard, the Shar -Pei Hector or Ferdinand the Bernese Mountain Dog . In short, consider reviewing the other plush animals of La Pelucherie if you want new friends!

    My Cat Oscar soft toy

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