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Les 5 raisons d’offrir une peluche à sa copine

The 5 reasons to offer a soft toy to your girlfriend

Are you looking for a gift to please your girlfriend? A gift she will remember? Here are 5 reasons for the gift of his dreams to be a stuffed animal:

The plush is comforting and invites you to cuddle

The little stuffed animals are perfect as night companions. Despite its small size, this little piece of sweetness represents a lot in their imagination: strength, serenity and calm. Practical for travel, they slip into their bag to quickly reappear when she needs a miniature bodyguard. Security guaranteed by their side!
As for the big stuffed animals, they are comforting companions and girls are fans of them, whatever the age! It's the touch of softness to bring to your bedroom so that the cravings for cuddles are immediately satisfied. For example, My bear Jules , My dog ​​Hector , My panther Zélie or My bear Lucien are the best friends (after you, of course) for a cocooning moment.

To give him a nice nod to an important point in his life

The plush is so wonderful that it invokes wonderful memories. Giving a stuffed animal is a way of showing that you are attentive to their passions and their daily life.

    gift quality plush

    My dog ​​Ferdinand or My dog ​​Hector are irresistible for dog fans. They can watch over her, almost like a real one.

    Does your girlfriend bear the first name of one of our stuffed animals? BINGO! She will be delighted to have a soft toy in her likeness like My Mouse Lucie or My Giraffe Zoe .

      To make him an original and personalized gift

      If you offer him a beautiful plush toy, it deserves to be well protected! We thought of a pretty pouch adapted to its size so that it is neatly stored! To go even further, it is even possible to add embroidery to this pretty pouch and write a tender word of love.

        personalized gift plush

        The pouch is also reusable, she can store her make-up, photos or underwear in it. Finally, she always has a bit of you with her!

        For a successful Valentine's Day

        Giving a soft toy is a great way to combine softness and tenderness, as long as she has sparkling eyes when she discovers My dog ​​Hector, it's love at first sight!

          valentines day soft toy girlfriend

          Confessing your feelings with a stuffed animal is the right plan for the shy ones. The soft toy can say everything: tell him I love you with My bear Jules or I want you with My panther Zélie , for example.

          For an unforgettable memory

          The choice of a soft toy is not insignificant, you have to choose the one that seems to hear you or want to speak to you. You have to look her in the eye and you will find the one that creates emotion to finally offer it to the one you love.

            soft hand sewn plush

            And since the stuffed animals from La Pelucherie are sewn by hand and made in Italy, they can be kept for life! Yes yes, for life! 4 golden rules must be respected to preserve it .
              Now that you have the soft toy of his dreams in mind. Blow. Smile. You have finally found a unique and delicate gift for your beloved girlfriend ❤️

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              • SYlvie BAuer

                J ai 73 ans et j ai envie depuis longtemps d une GRANDE et belle peluche douce et moelleuse. Je l ai dit 36 fois à mes enfants mais pas de peluche. Ma belle mère avait offert des Steiffs magnifiques à ma petite fille; je suis sure qu ils les ont vendues bien qu ils me disent le contraire. JE VEUX UNE PELUCHE !!!

              • Bischoff Francoise

                J ai 62 ans, et je n ai jamais eu comme cadeau une peluche, ni de poupée. C est une grande souffrance, je pense m en offrir une superbe pour moi. 😘

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