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How to find the ideal birth comforter for baby!

Hello ! How about we talk about birth comforters ? We all had one when we were little, right? He was often our best friend, our confidant, our playmate, our comfort in difficult times...

And here we are (almost) parents now! So how do we choose THE ideal birth comforter for our offspring? Not easy, is it?

So here are the best tips from La Pelucherie to aim for the right thing and find the cuddly toy that pleases from birth!

Birth plush banner, two hedgehogs, La Pelucherie

Why have a cuddly toy from birth?

Even if some parents prefer to do without it, there are quite a few advantages to having a baby comforter:

  • Comfort and safety : It's well known: the cuddly toy reassures and puts you at ease! A baby soft toy is a real comfort for newborns. When offered from birth, the cuddly toy represents a familiar object, often impregnated with the smells of the family and the infant himself. It enhances feelings of security and familiarity, helping baby feel confident and relaxed, even in stressful situations.
  • Help with falling asleep : A cuddly toy can greatly help baby fall asleep! Its familiar smell, its softness, and the feeling of security it provides help him relax and fall asleep more easily, snuggled up comfortably against his plush. In addition, from birth, the cuddly toy can take part in the bedtime routine to help baby understand that it's time to sleep. Result ? A soothed baby who sleeps quickly!
  • Help with transition and autonomy : The cuddly toy is a great companion to help baby cope with the big changes in life. Whether it's to go from bottle-feeding, from the parents' room to the child's room , for travel, entry to the nursery, holidays with grandma, or even a divorce, doudou is there to accompany and reassure baby.
  • Sensory development: Like a soft toy , a birth comforter is also there to help baby explore his environment. With different textures and shapes, comforters greatly contribute to the development of fine motor skills and the stimulation of the senses of touch, sight, smell, and even taste. Let's face it, there's nothing like chewing on your comforter to discover new flavors!

So if you want a relaxed baby, who sleeps well and has a taste for adventure, don't hesitate to offer him a stuffed animal or a cuddly toy from birth!

Is the comforter compulsory?

No, a cuddly toy is not mandatory. But let's admit, however, that in the vast majority of cases, it is a real ally in helping your little one feel safe and peaceful, especially when offered from birth . Imagine a very soft little cuddly toy, impregnated with the familiar smells of the house, against which to snuggle up when mum is not there... it's a real reassuring cocoon for your baby! So why deprive him of it?

But beware, each baby is unique and some may very well do without a newborn soft toy and even not be interested at all in a cuddly toy. As always in parenting, the important thing is to be attentive to your baby's needs and preferences. So, if yours rejects his birth comforter, there's no need to force him: he doesn't need it!

How to choose a super baby comforter?

Choosing a birth comforter is a big responsibility since you have to choose without the baby's help! Whether you want to offer a birth gift to your baby, to your new niece or to your fresh little godson, here are the important criteria for finding the perfect newborn soft toy :

  • A soft material , of course!
  • A good size : A newborn cuddly toy should not be too small to avoid the risk of suffocation, but not too big either so that baby can handle it with clumsy little hands. The ideal dimensions of a baby soft toy are between 15 cm and 40 cm.
  • Cute stuffed animals : Well chosen, the cuddly toy can accompany baby from birth to 10 years old, or even until adulthood! So remember to choose a cuddly toy that does not look "too" baby. Stuffed animals like the bunny, bear, or dog are big favorites.
  • Manufacturing quality : Make sure that the cuddly toy is of impeccable quality and that it does not present any risks to the health of an infant . Check seams, labels, materials used and compliance with European manufacturing standards.
  • Washing : A comforter does not have an easy life. He will be manipulated in all directions, dragged on the ground, and buried alive in the sandbox. He will eat slices of jam, paint, pick up earthworms, and so on. You have understood: a baby soft toy must be easy to clean! Opt for machine washable comforters .
  • A personalized cuddly toy : Giving a personalized cuddly toy shows that you have taken the time to choose a unique and special birth gift . In addition, by personalizing the cuddly toy with the baby's name, date of birth, or a special message, you create a faithful life companion!

The best newborn stuffed animals and cuddly toys from La Pelucherie

La Pelucherie is the ideal place to find the perfect newborn comforter . Our animal stuffed animals are unique, handcrafted by expert seamstresses, all soft, too cute, and designed to last a lifetime.

In addition, all our stuffed animals are customizable and available with a birth kit (bodysuit, swaddle and rattle).

Here are some of our original birth comforters that babies (and parents!) love:

Girl's and boy's newborn comforters

First of all, remember that the choice of a newborn comforter should not be determined by the gender of the baby. Parents can absolutely choose not to follow gender stereotypes and opt for more neutral colors than pink for girls or blue for boys (see unisex newborn comforters below).

But with its 47 years of experience in stuffed animals, La Pelucherie knows what pleases!

Baby comforter for girls, pink teddy bear, La Pelucherie

The Pink Dodo Bear Soft Toy , A Super Newborn Girl Soft Toy, Customizable with the First Name Embroidered on the Hat!

Boy's personalized birth comforter, blue teddy bear, La Pelucherie

The Dodo Bear in Blue For the Boys!

Birth stuffed girl and boy, pink and blue stuffed rabbit, La Pelucherie

Leon Girl and Boy Rabbit Soft Toy , Available in Blue, Pink, White, and Navy, With Customizable Pouch

Mixed birth comforters

Offering a mixed birth cuddly toy can be a good choice if you do not yet know the sex of the child or if you want to limit the influences of gendered education as much as possible .

To choose a unisex comforter, prefer neutral colors such as white, beige, yellow, or green, for example. Stuffed animals such as bears, rabbits, storks, dogs, or elephants are very popular choices of unisex soft toys and are suitable for both girls and boys!

Personalized unisex stork soft toy La Pelucherie

Mon Premier Doudou Stork , Unisex Birth Doudou Girls and Boys, With Customizable Pouch

Birth bear soft toy, girls and boys, La Pelucherie

Mon Premier Doudou Ours , A Very Soft Newborn Plush Toy, With Customizable Pouch

Doudou mixed birth, girls and boys, plush dog, La Pelucherie

My Albert Dog Soft Toy , A Big Favorite of Babies, With Personalized Embroidery Option On The Paw!

Birth plush banner, two hedgehogs, La Pelucherie

The birth comforter box!

Birth boxes are one of the most popular birth gifts ! You can find all sorts of products there, such as baby comforters, bodysuits, rattles, baby socks, care and childcare products, and early learning toys.

The La Pelucherie Birth Box contains:

  • The baby plush of your choice
  • An OEKO-TEX® certified cotton swaddle
  • A 3-month bodysuit in OEKO-TEX® certified cotton
  • A wooden rattle with bunny ears

Newborn Soft Toy Box, La Pelucherie

The Doudou Birth Box from La Pelucherie , With the Arsène Seal Soft Toy

And you ? Share your experience in the comments! Which birth comforter did you choose for your baby? What are your tips for finding the perfect cuddly toy?
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