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5 bonnes raisons d'offrir une peluche pour la Saint Valentin à sa copine

5 good reasons to offer a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day to your girlfriend

Finding THE gift for Valentine's Day has never been an easy task for you gentlemen... It's always the same refrain to try to find the gift idea that will please the lady: "But what am I fine to be able to buy him this year!"

Forget the "failed attempts" of T-shirts, key rings, backpacks, pilou-pilou pajamas, gift boxes (which end up in a drawer) and other excuses like "nah but anyway it's a commercial party..."

Let us deliver THE perfect gift to you! La Pelucherie thinks of everything because yes, plush toys are not just for children! Women also love stuffed animals! But why give a stuffed animal to your girlfriend for Valentine's Day?

Original, unique and personalized (for the occasion), you will start 2022 on a faultless love affair!

1. Stuffed Valentine's Day: a gift now, comfort afterwards

Your Valentine, for Valentine's Day, the feast of lovers and Love, must have a gift that symbolizes this love so what could be better than a very soft plush synonymous with hug and tenderness? Small plush or giant plush, lion , elephant , panda , tiger or teddy bear : there is something for everyone ! With each slack or need for comfort, your girlfriend will not hesitate to take refuge in the arms of her cuddly toy to cuddle her while thinking of you... Future fetish cuddly toy or "temporary" cushion substitute, the cuddly toy for Valentine's Day is the perfect gift.

Love, nothing but love... thanks to you! Bet won!

2. The Valentine's Day plush will make your other half fall in love

As logical as it is effective, it falls into the category of what can be called "enough to think about it". So yes, offering a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day is (very) good, but offering a special Valentine's Day stuffed animal for Valentine's Day is even better! Between us, who wouldn't fall for an adorable rabbit soft toy and its pretty immaculate white fur and its ears speckled with hearts or for a little dog with a red heart delicately sewn on its buttock? With a pretty soft toy in the colors of love, your sweetheart won't be able to resist!

3. Stuffed Valentine's Day: a personalized gift

Be careful, one of the fundamental rules for Valentine's Day is to always offer a personalized gift to your beloved because there is no question that she ends up with the same gift as her neighbour! It may be a detail for you... but for your other half it means a lot! This is called "scoring the occasion" and making it unforgettable . But again, don't panic, thanks to La Pelucherie, you can get your personalized plush . Indeed, you can fully personalize your Valentine's Day plush by having your plush's paw or ear embroidered and even its pouch by writing your date of meeting your wedding date, for example, to seal your love. A small detail, of course... but for a big attention! WAHOUU effect guaranteed!

4. Stuffed Valentine's Day: a quality gift

If your gift ticks all your selection criteria, the "quality" box must certainly appear at the top of this list. Indeed, no one wants to receive a plush as a gift that will deteriorate and lose all its beauty. Lucky for you, our stuffed animals, whether it's a turtle , a monkey , a dinosaur , a seal or a bear , are sewn by hand: no hazardous materials, no machines. , what love and know-how! Plus, they're machine washable stuffed animals (and yes, our favorite pets are flirtatious and like to take a little bath once in a while so their fur stays just as soft).

5. Stuffed Valentine's Day: a gift for life

If you're like us, you must love gifts that last a lifetime! A stuffed animal is a gift for life and many people like to collect them for the simple pleasure of contemplating them. But keeping your soft toys can have a completely different purpose... Indeed, this pretty soft toy offered to your girlfriend for Valentine's Day today can also be your children's future soft toy tomorrow. Isn't there a better gift?

Of course Ladies, nothing prevents you too from offering a special Valentine's Day soft toy to your loved one because after all there is neither age nor gender required to receive a soft toy that will bring you softness and comfort !

You will therefore have understood: the plush is the Valentine's Day gift you need. But what to choose? A giraffe ? A pig ? A donkey ? To help you in your quest for the perfect plush for this new Valentine's Day, we have prepared a special collection for the occasion where you can find My Rabbits Léon and My dogs Hector in other limited edition ways. For Valentine's Day, many opt for a teddy bear , but this year we have decided to offer you an alternative with stuffed animals in a soft fur thanks to this limited edition. So all you have to do is choose the ideal plush that will earn you points with your other half.

La Pelucherie wishes an excellent Valentine's Day to all lovers!

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